Building a Virginia Armed Robbery Defense 

Building a Virginia armed robbery defense requires quality experience. A skilled criminal lawyer interviews the person to get their side of the story to find out what took place or perhaps did not happen.

When the lawyer has the person’s version of the events, they go into court and get a discovery order to get the prosecutor’s version of the events. When the lawyer receives the discovery in the case, they match up the two versions and look for holes in the government’s case.

Information is critical in a case like this. The lawyer must know exactly what the government claims, with as much detail as possible, to prepare the case for trial.

Considering a Plea Deal

When a lawyer might encourage a person charged with armed robbery with a gun to take a plea deal varies with the case. Once the lawyer completes their due diligence in a case and evaluates the evidence against the person and in the person’s favor, they have a discussion with the person. The lawyer informs the person of the odds of success at trial. If it turns out that the odds of success are not great, the lawyer can approach the government to discuss how to resolve the case through a plea agreement.

When a person is charged with robbery involving the use of a firearm, there is a three-year mandatory minimum prison sentence. There can be circumstances where the government is willing to throw out the charge that requires three years in prison and have the person plead guilty to the robbery without a three-year enhancement.

Under those circumstances, it might be a good idea for the person to plead guilty because it reduces their amount of time in prison. Sometimes taking a plea deal can be more beneficial than building a Virginia armed robbery defense, but it depends on the case.

Critical Information to Build a Defense

A criminal lawyer needs to know everything the person knows immediately. When the person comes in to the lawyer’s office or calls, they should have all the information available to review with the lawyer.

In cases like this, time is of the essence and the lawyer must move quickly to preserve evidence or find ways to mitigate the case against the person. Building a Virginia armed robbery defense requires knowing all the facts of the case.

Hiring a Virginia Armed Robbery Lawyer

In order to properly build a Virginia armed robbery defense, a person needs the right resources. Every jurisdiction has their own way of doing things. Hiring a local criminal lawyer who is familiar with the courthouse where the person is being prosecuted is crucial to success in plea negotiations or at trial.

When a person is charged with robbery and the use of a firearm while committing that robbery, they face significant life-altering prison time if convicted. It is difficult to imagine a circumstance in which a person would want to go forward in a case like this without having the benefit of a seasoned an experienced attorney by their side.

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