Virginia Armed Robbery Lawyer

Virginia law does not differentiate between robbery and armed robbery. However, there is a statute that says the use of a firearm in the commission of a felony is a separate, distinct offense that carries a three year mandatory minimum sentence. That is a separate statute and covers all felonies, not just robbery. In other states, armed robbery might include a knife or some other kind of weapon besides a gun.

It is important to know that a person receives an enhanced punishment when a gun is involved. A Virginia armed robbery lawyer can help with charges and information on sentences. Contact a professional lawyer today for legal counseling.

Consequences of Armed Robbery in Virginia

When a person is convicted of a robbery in Virginia and the government proves they used or displayed a gun during the commission of that robbery, the person faces a mandatory minimum of three years in prison up to life in if convicted of that charge.

The government can also include another charge that adds a mandatory minimum three-year sentence for using the gun. A person faces significant and guaranteed prison time if convicted of a robbery with a gun, which is a minimum of three years and up to life in prison.

Proving Armed Robbery

To prove that a person committed a robbery with a gun in Virginia, the government must demonstrate two elements. First, they must show that the person took an item of value from another person without their permission. Second, in doing so, the person used a firearm or threatened to use a firearm, placing the other person in fear of serious bodily harm.

A Virginia armed robbery lawyer can speak more about the consequences and defense of a robbery using a firearm.

Armed Robbery as a Felony Offense

Armed robbery with a gun is a felony offense. If convicted, a person is guaranteed at least three years in prison and has a violent felony conviction on their record. That makes it difficult to return to the life they knew before going to prison. Employers do not want to hire someone with a violent felony conviction. Someone with a felony offense on their record cannot vote, own guns, or receive some federal benefits.

Contacting a Virginia Armed Robbery Lawyer

A person needs to contact a criminal attorney as soon as they know they are being investigated for armed robbery. Sometimes, the first indication the person has that they are being investigated is when the authorities place them under arrest. When someone finds out ahead of time that they are being investigated or are suspected of committing a crime of that nature, they should reach out to a Virginia armed robbery lawyer right away.

It is in a person’s best interest to hire an aggressive attorney that has experience handling cases of this nature.

Benefits of an Attorney

Hiring a criminal lawyer before being arrested can benefit a person in many ways. The lawyer can intervene with the government, help manage the investigation, and spin the investigation in the right direction.

Individuals should contact a Virginia robbery lawyer as they may be able to prevent the police from attempting to question the person. Often, the police attempt to question people they suspect of an armed robbery to get them to confess prior to placing them under arrest. Having an attorney intervene can prevent that from happening and may stop the person from saying something they regret.

An experienced Virginia armed robbery lawyer knows how to handle armed robbery cases that involve a firearm.

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