Virginia Drug Manufacturing Lawyer

Drug manufacturing is when a person undertakes an endeavor that creates a controlled substance, for example, growing marijuana or manufacturing chemical drugs such as methamphetamine or LSD. Participating in any way in the manufacturing process is enough to qualify as a manufacturing charge. A person can also be charged with manufacturing under federal law if they work as part of a group, supplying certain types of chemicals that alone are not illegal, but combined produce a controlled substance.

Drug manufacturing charges can result in serious penalties, and if you are facing charges, you need to build a solid defense with a skilled drug lawyer as soon as possible. A Virginia drug manufacturing attorney will best be able to protect your rights and provide you with a positive outcome in your case.

Defining Manufacturing

Growing and making drugs are clearly offenses that are going to be classified as drug manufacturing in Virginia. A person could be charged if they are responsible for taking care of marijuana plants in any way, or if they are helping to harvest or package the plants. Any step in the process that creates a consumable substance or injectable substance into the human body is considered manufacturing. Some people try to get around the law by only participating in one element of a recipe, but if they know that the rest of the elements will be combined in order to create a controlled substance, they can still be found guilty of manufacture.

If an individual only supplies materials or is only involved in one part of the process, they can be guilty of drug manufacturing. Whether that person can be charged with manufacturing depends entirely upon what that person knew and when they knew it. An individual who knew that they were part of a larger operation to manufacture a controlled substance, can be legally considered as guilty as if that person did the entire thing themselves and should therefore also consult with a Virginia drug manufacturing lawyer as soon as possible.


It depends on the jurisdiction in which an individual is being charged, but generally speaking, drug manufacturing offenses fall under specific laws that separate the charge from other drug crimes. There is a higher level of criminal exposure for people charged with manufacturing drugs, because generally speaking, manufacturing drugs is something that can take place on a much larger scale, therefore affecting more potential users.


Drug manufacturing charges in Virginia are often handled more seriously than most other drug offenses. When law enforcement agencies investigate the drug trade, they are always looking to go up the ladder to the person most responsible for the drug being in rotation. If they bust a lower level street dealer, they are going to try to figure out their source and arrest them. Once the source is under arrest, the police will attempt to find out the source’s source, until they discover who manufactured the drug. That is the ultimate goal for law enforcement agencies — to find out where the drug is made and nip it at the source.

The way that law enforcement can make a big difference in the drug community in Virginia is by going after the actual sources of the drugs. If a person is charged with manufacturing of any kind of controlled substance, they should readily expect that the full weight of the government will be brought upon them, which is why a Virginia drug manufacturing lawyer is essential.