Stafford County Gun Lawyer

Due to the potential harm that firearms can inflict, gun charges in Stafford County are treated very seriously and regularly receive attention from local police. Stafford County specifically is very proactive in prosecuting cases involving guns and therefore anyone facing a firearms related offense, such as concealing a firearm, will likely face a number of serious consequences including fines and potentially jail time.

With these factors in mind, it is imperative that anyone facing a gun related offense consult with a Stafford County defense attorney as soon as possible to begin building a defense. An experienced Stafford County gun lawyer will have resources that public attorneys or court-appointed attorneys do not have at their discretion and can give your case the specific time and attention it deserves.

Common Gun Related Offenses

The most common gun offense is a concealed weapons charge. It is unlawful in Virginia, unless you have a concealed carry permit, to be in possession of a weapon that is concealed from common view. That is one charge prosecuted vigorously in Stafford County. As a general rule, officials are unrelenting in their prosecution, even if the person has no prior record.  Concealed weapons are sometimes considered to be a public safety issue not only for the public but also for their officers. For that reason, Stafford County does not tolerate concealed weapons.

Further, prosecutors in Stafford County vigorously prosecute any and all gun offenses. They feel it is their duty to protect public safety and officer’s safety. For that reason, they will generally take all gun charges as far as they can take them, making it important those accused have a Stafford County gun lawyer on their side.

Transporting Firearms

Stafford County is the main thoroughfare of Interstate 95 and many people who are traveling will bring their guns with them on the interstate traveling between Virginia. If a driver is on I-95, they will generally pass through Stafford County and need to be mindful of the particular laws governing Virginia gun transportation.

Penalties and Consequences

It depends on the charges someone is facing, but as a general rule, gun offenses can carry significant penalties. The most benign gun offense or weapons offense in Stafford County is considered a class one misdemeanor, which if convicted of, carries with it up to a 12 months sentence in jail and up to a $2,500.00 fine.

There are other charges in Stafford County, where if convicted, would count as a felony which is treated more seriously. Those can be charges such as the use of a firearm in the commission of a felony. If a person is convicted of those charges, they should expect significant consequences as a result of that conviction.

Long-Term Consequences

A criminal record is going to be the most significant long-term consequence when convicted of a gun charge. The pursuit of future employment opportunities or pursuit of possible security clearances, service in the military or law enforcement, can be affected negatively by a criminal record.

It is always a good idea to consider any gun charge seriously and gain the help of a Stafford County gun attorney to help build a defense because the long-term ramifications of a criminal conviction could stay attached to someone for their entire life.

Role of a Gun Attorney in Stafford County

A Stafford County gun lawyer could employ varies techniques and strategies of defense in your case, such as the use of private investigator services which might be necessary in a case that involves a gun charge. An aggressive lawyer will not just accept the government’s evidence even though they say you should accept it. An aggressive lawyer will challenge the government’s evidence and will question all witnesses and all facts they seek to introduce in the case.