Quantico Robbery Lawyer

While stealing is the act of taking property that does not belong to the taker, robbery is typically more serious because it means taking property directly from the owner. This may result in a higher risk of violence. Robbery is a type of theft with different degrees, which could influence the possible punishments. The highest level of punishment could come into play if the alleged actor physically harmed or used a deadly weapon during the commission of the theft.

An accusation of robbery may have effects on your civil rights, your liberty, and your future. It may be important to speak with an attorney to protect yourself. Whenever the police are involved, you may lose control of the situation.

Speak with a Quantico robbery lawyer to learn more about how an accusation may affect you. A seasoned attorney may be able to help you understand what you could do to ensure the best outcome under the circumstances.

Definition of Robbery

Robbery involves the following elements, which a prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt:

  • The person took property from another without the owner’s permission
  • The person intended to deprive the actual owner of the property
  • The person took the property from the owner or in the owner’s presence
  • The person used threat or used force to take the property

One of the major differences between robbery and larceny could be if the owner is aware of the theft taking place and the alleged actor threatened to injure or did injure the owner.

Laws Governing Robbery

While some people may consider robbery to be a crime related to property, it appears in the section dealing with crimes against people in the Code of Virginia. Section 18.2-58 states that robbery is a felony if the actor strangles, suffocates, hits, assaults, threatens or presents a deadly weapon during the course of the act. The court must typically punish the actor for a minimum of five years and may put that person in jail for up to a life sentence.


Carjacking is a special type of robbery concerning the theft of a motor vehicle. If the court convicts someone of carjacking, which is theft of a vehicle while the owner is present, the punishment is 15 years to life, as stated in §18.2-58.1.

Armed Robbery

Armed robbery is not a separately defined offense in the Code of Virginia. If a person robs someone with a gun, the police could consider that person dangerous and the court may convict that person as a violent offender. Since any type of robbery is a felony which may stay on a person’s permanent record, individuals are recommended to consult a Quantico attorney for help. A lawyer could help a person understand their rights and legal options.

Three Strikes Law

If a court has convicted a person of two prior acts of violent crime, the court will automatically sentence that person to life in prison for a third conviction of a violent act. Robbery is considered a violent crime. If a person is concerned about this rule applying to their robbery case, a Quantico attorney’s help may be invaluable.

Speak with a Quantico Robbery Attorney

Robbery is a serious offense which may have dramatic effects on you if a court convicts you. A felony conviction may affect your ability to obtain future employment, and your reputation in the community. You may want to do everything in your power to minimize or avoid the negative consequences related to a felony charge.

Reach out to a Quantico robbery lawyer to learn more about the process and laws involved. An attorney may be able to help you develop an aggressive defense plan and work towards protecting your rights and your future.