Loudoun County Insurance Fraud Lawyer

There are several ways that individuals in Loudoun County can commit insurance fraud. Insurance fraud occurs when someone uses deception to make money from an insurance transaction.

State prosecutors handle insurance fraud claims in the state court system. Federal prosecutors can also pursue insurance fraud charges in some instances – especially when the fraud charge involves the federal mail system or criminal racketeering. Hiring an experienced fraud lawyer might be in your best interest when facing these charges.

The penalties imposed for a Loudoun County fraud conviction can be steep. If you find yourself facing an insurance fraud charge, a Loudoun County insurance fraud lawyer could advocate for your interests in the courtroom.

Common Forms of Insurance Fraud

Loudoun County insurance fraud comes in a variety of forms. Some common examples include:

  • Workers’ compensation insurance fraud – In the case of workers’ compensation insurance fraud, an employee falsely claims that they sustained injuries on the job. In fact, they did not suffer any injury, or they received their injury while performing some activity that was not work-related.
  • Property insurance fraud – In the context of property insurance fraud, the insured falsely exaggerates the amount or extent of damage to their motor vehicle, home, or other valuable possession. Alternatively, they may deliberately damage a possession (e.g., by burning down a home) to try and obtain compensation from their insurance company. Finally, the insured may try and obtain reimbursement for a stolen or lost item that was never really stolen or lost.
  • Casualty insurance fraud – In the case of casualty insurance fraud, the insured exaggerates or fakes an injury or accident to obtain money from their insurance company.
  • Health care billing fraud – When a health care provider sends an inflated medical bill to a private health insurer, Medicare, Medicaid, or the patient, this may constitute billing fraud. If the bill is considerably higher than it should be, based upon the medical treatment or services provided, this is a clear indication of billing fraud.
  • Unemployment insurance fraud – When individuals work for an employer, a portion of their paycheck goes to fund their unemployment benefits in the event they become unemployed. Unemployment insurance fraud involves someone making a claim for these benefits while they are still employed.

An experienced Loudoun County insurance fraud attorney could represent individuals charged with any of these types of fraud.

Consequences of an Insurance Fraud Conviction

To be penalized for insurance fraud, a judge or jury must first find the accused guilty and convict them. Once that happens, it is up to a sentencing judge to determine the penalty or penalties.

The penalties for an insurance fraud conviction in Loudoun County can be severe. Insurance fraud is subject to both civil and criminal penalties under the law.

Criminal penalties for an insurance fraud conviction include possible jail time and monetary fines. The accused may also have to pay restitution to the alleged victim of the insurance fraud. Civil penalties can include civil fines along with revocation of a business license.

An insurance fraud lawyer in Loudoun County could represent the accused at a sentencing hearing and work to lessen any conviction consequences. Reach out to a dedicated criminal attorney as soon as possible to begin working on a defense.

Contact a Loudoun County Insurance Fraud Attorney Today

If you find yourself charged with insurance fraud in Loudoun County, your first step should be to contact a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer.

A Loudoun County insurance fraud lawyer could handle your case at every stage. If you sustain a conviction, a lawyer could argue for a charge reduction or smaller penalty on your behalf.