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If you have been accused of theft in Virginia, depending on the amount in question as well as the circumstances surrounding how the theft took place, you could face either a misdemeanor or felony charge. It is extremely important to not only understand the difference between the two categories but to also educate yourself on your rights and the potential consequences you may suffer if convicted. The best way to prepare yourself is to speak with a dedicated Occoquan theft lawyer; one who has extensive experience successfully defending people like yourself against these charges.

Your Occoquan theft attorney will work to combat the threat of conviction. If defeating the charge is not possible, she will use all of her experience and knowledge to pursue the best possible plea agreement and mitigate the damage or fallout that can occur in the wake of a conviction. In order to do this, she must start preparations for your criminal defense strategy as quickly as possible. This includes preventing any potential damage that can be inflicted by speaking with police officers without a legal representative.

Theft Offenses

As stated earlier, it is important for you to understand that Virginia, like most other states across the U.S., typically classifies and charges a defendant for theft (larceny) in accordance to the value of the property, service, or amount of cash alleged to have been stolen, as well as the manner in which the theft occurred. For instance, receiving services in the amount of $75 and then failing to pay for them is far less a criminal act – though a still a criminal offense – than stealing a purse or wallet from someone.

Some of the more common criminal defense cases an Occoquan theft lawyer routinely sees include the following.

Petit Larceny

Section 18.2-96: Virginia theft charge in which the property or services stolen is valued at less than $500. Also pertains to property valued at less than $5 in which the defendant is said to have stolen it directly from/off another individual’s person. Petit Larceny is considered a Class 1 misdemeanor criminal offense.

Penalty if Convicted:

  • Up to but no more than 12 months incarceration
  • Fines up to but no more than $2500

Grand Larceny

Section 18.2-95:

  • Individual is guilty of grand larceny in the event they have directly stolen property/money from another person valued in the amount of $5 or greater.
  • Individual guilty of grand larceny in the event they stole goods, services or property in the amount of $500 or greater, though did so indirectly without physical harm toward the victim.
  • Individual is guilty of grand larceny in the state of Virginia in the event they have stolen any type of firearm of any value.

Penalty if Convicted

  • No less than 12 months but no more than 20 years incarceration (Virginia state prison)
    However, due to sentencing guidelines, the sentence will be at the discretion of the jury or court. Without a jury, no more than 12 months incarcerated.
  • Fines up to $2,500

Call an Occoquan Theft Lawyer

We live in an extraordinarily high-tech world today. Long gone are the days in which an individual can find themselves in a little bit of trouble, pay their debt to society, and move on with their lives. Today it is all about everyone in the world being connected via the internet and the sharing of information once believed personal or, at the very least, hard to find. Now, thanks to investigative services, online background checks, and criminal history reports, it takes nothing more than a click of a button and an individual’s entire life history is almost instantly viewed by friends, loved ones, and even current or potential employers.

Given the rapid advance of technology, it has never been more difficult to prevent your criminal past from hurting your professional and personal dealings. Such a blot on your record can prevent you from being hired for a great job, advancing within the career you have already established or hindered your ability to obtain certain government security clearances and financial aid if they were to ever find themselves in a position in which they really needed it.

In the event you are charged with theft and are unsure as to the potential penalties you could face, it is in your best interest to speak with an experienced attorney as quickly as possible. It is possible you may avoid potential punishment by having your charges reduced, if not dismissed entirely. An aggressive Occoquan theft lawyer will also be prepared to fight your case in court, should it be necessary to do so. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling criminal defense matters throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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