Occoquan Sex Crimes Lawyer

Being convicted of a sex crime can be a devastating, life-altering experience. The accusation alone can destroy personal relationships, soil your reputation within your community and your workplace, and it can leave your future in serious doubt. In some cases, you may be required to leave your own home and be denied contact with your children or other young family members while awaiting the outcome of the investigation and pending trial. For these reasons, you would be wise to speak with an experienced Occoquan sex crimes lawyer

If you are convicted of a sex crime in the Commonwealth of Virginia, the conviction could follow you forever if you are required to register as a sex offender. Depending on the charges, it is also possible that you could spend a significant amount of time in prison if convicted. Complications, however, remain upon your release. Commonwealth law requires sex offenders to register with the Virginia Sex Offender and Crimes against Minors Registry. Many people convicted of crimes of a sexual nature also find it difficult to find suitable employment and a decent place to live.

Types of Sex Offenses in Virginia

Virginia laws classify many, but not all, sex offenses as felonies. A person charged and convicted of a felony faces strict sentencing guidelines, which can result in decades behind bars or even life imprisonment. Here are some examples of various sex offenses and their penalties:

  • Sexual Assault & Battery (VA Code Section 18.2-67.4) – If the Commonwealth of Virginia charges you with sexual battery, the state alleges that you have had unwanted sexual contact with another person. Generally, the law defines sexual abuse as any act that is intended to sexually molest, arouse, or gratify another individual. Normally, this is considered a Class 1 Misdemeanor. You can be charged with a more serious offense under certain situations, for example, if the victim is less than 15 years of age or you knowingly infected the person with a sexually transmitted disease at the time of the battery.
  • Rape (VA Code Section 18.2-61) – A rape charge alleges that you have engaged in sexual intercourse with another person against their will.  If the alleged rape victim has a mental disability or was unable to say no to your sexual advances because of alcohol or drugs, you can still be arrested, charged, and convicted of rape. In Virginia, a rape conviction could result in life in prison.
  • Sex Offender Failure to Register (VA Code Section 18.2-472.1) – Individuals convicted of certain violent or sexual offenses must register with the Virginia Sex Offender and Crimes against Minors Registry. A person convicted of one of these offenses who fails to register or provides false information to the registry can face Class 1 Misdemeanor charges.
  • Possession or Distribution of Child Pornography (VA Code Section 18.2-374.1) – A person who knowingly possesses, creates, distributes, solicits, or facilitates child pornography will face this charge. Besides imprisonment, the state can lawfully confiscate any equipment or property alleged to have been used in connection with the offense.

Other sex crimes that you can be charged with include solicitation, stalking, indecent exposure, and prostitution. Sex offenses involving minors usually encompass the same acts as those committed against adults. However, Virginia punishes offenders more severely for sex crimes committed against minors. For example, a person convicted of rape against an adult faces at least of five years in prison. In certain circumstances, if the victim is a child under age 13, the law requires a mandatory minimum of life in prison. If you have been charged with any of these offenses, it is important you seek the services of an experienced Occoquan sex crimes attorney.

Contacting An Occoquan Sex Crimes Lawyer

If you have been accused of molestation, rape, child sexual abuse, or any other sex crime, you should not speak to child protective services or law enforcement without an Occoquan sex crimes lawyer present. Unfortunately, many people make a crucial mistake by waiting and hoping that the accusation will disappear or that the investigating authorities will drop the charges.

At this point, simple legal counsel will not suffice. If you hire a general-practice attorney who does not know how best to defend you, the prosecution will have a significant advantage. To obtain the best possible outcome in your case, you would be best-served by an Occoquan sex crimes lawyer who understands the rules, procedures, and customs that govern sex crime cases in the Commonwealth of Virginia.