Our Approach to Manassas DUI Cases

The part that I enjoy the most is being there to support someone who is going through probably one of the hardest times in their life. I like being able to address their fears and help them try to avoid the stigma of a DUI, and being their front line of defense against the weight of the Commonwealth coming after them. Many times this is their first and only encounter with the law because people that are charged with DUI are not necessarily bad people. They need someone who will be there for them and I enjoy being the champion for their cause.

The most challenging aspect of a DUI is the blood alcohol content. It can be very challenging to discredit or question the certificate of analysis. Once the court has the BAC, it is difficult to convince them that this is not a DUI that they should convict on. This is one area of a DUI case where the experience and resources of an attorney can play a major role.

The Value of Local Experience

One reason why it is important to have an attorney with local experience in Manassas is because the prosecution and the judges all have their own personalities. They each have different issues that they want the attorney to address when they come into a Manassas DUI case. A local attorney has the power of that knowledge, without even knowing any facts about the particular person’s case, but knowing the arena of that case right from the start. You are in a better position to get a better outcome just by knowing where you’re practicing. Furthermore, a person who has a DUI case wants an attorney that is well-versed in the current DUI laws, the current defenses that are out there, and the potential pitfalls.

The Value of DUI Case Experience

You want someone who has an understanding of the technology, an understanding of the constitutional issues, and an understanding of everything that goes into the defense of a DUI. Some of our judges actually believe that if you can represent a DUI, you can represent any case, because DUIs are complex. It is a large body of law and it is a difficult body of law to understand. So many people are affected by it and it is critical that a person has an attorney that knows the law and what they’re doing in that particular jurisdiction where they were charged.

It is very important because everybody has a different opinion as to what is the turning point between whether or not it is actually a DUI, whether or not it is reckless driving, or whether it should be charged a certain way or should be broken down. Each player has their own very strong, very separate opinions, so being able to navigate those issues and being able to communicate well with the people that are involved in making these decisions really helps the person to put their best foot forward and get the best possible result for their case.