Loudoun County Embezzlement Lawyer

Embezzlement is a theft crime which typically occurs in the employment context. In most embezzlement cases, the individual committing the embezzlement steals directly from their boss or corporate employer.

Embezzlement charges are serious, and if you are currently facing an embezzlement charge, you may need a Loudoun County embezzlement lawyer by your side throughout the case. An experienced fraud lawyer could assist you with planning your legal defense and working towards a favorable outcome in your case.

Common Types of Embezzlement

While stealing from an employer can result in embezzlement charges, embezzlement crimes may take a variety of different forms. Some of the most common forms of embezzlement may include:

  • Working for a retail outlet and skimming money from the cash register drawer
  • Conducting fraudulent returns to credit a credit card or a gift card
  • Misappropriating funds or other assets which the employer entrusts to the company employee

For the Commonwealth to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, the prosecutor must prove that the accused specifically intended to commit a theft. An embezzlement attorney in Loudoun County could assert a legal defense on the accused’s behalf or allege that the prosecutor failed to satisfy their required burden of proof.

Potential Penalties for Embezzlement Crimes

The Commonwealth could charge embezzlement as either a felony or as a misdemeanor. This may depend largely upon the value which the employee misappropriates.

If amount lost is fewer than $200, the Commonwealth may charge the accused with misdemeanor embezzlement. A conviction for misdemeanor embezzlement in Loudoun County could result in a $2,500 fine and one year of incarceration.

If the value of the misappropriated goods totals more than $200, the Commonwealth may charge the accused with felony embezzlement. A conviction for felony embezzlement may result in a maximum penalty of 20 years’ incarceration.

The value of the misappropriated property is not the only factor that a sentencing judge will consider when assigning the penalty in an embezzlement case. The judge could also consider the accused’s criminal record – notably prior convictions involving fraud, theft, and other crimes of dishonesty. If the accused has a plethora of theft convictions on their record, it is more likely that the sentencing judge will assign the accused a harsher penalty.

A Loudoun County embezzlement lawyer could argue for a lighter penalty or a reduced charge at a sentencing hearing on behalf of a defendant.

Job Loss

One of the most important and immediate consequences of an embezzlement conviction is that the accused is likely to lose their job. While many people lose their jobs when they sustain the embezzlement charge, they may still be able to get their job back if the work with a seasoned defense attorney and ultimately obtain a not-guilty verdict.

With job loss and loss of income, an embezzlement conviction may be personally humiliating and could significantly alter the accused’s perception in the eyes of the public – and among family members and friends.

Contact a Loudoun County Embezzlement Attorney

The possible penalties associated with an embezzlement conviction are too harsh to represent yourself throughout your criminal case. If you show up to your embezzlement trial alone, a judge could assume that you are waiving your right to the presence of legal counsel and could make you proceed forward to trial by yourself.

If you are facing an embezzlement charge, you could count on a Loudoun County embezzlement lawyer to guide you through the process and offer you result-oriented legal representation during your case.