Fauquier County Sex Crimes Attorney

If you are facing charges in a sex crime case, you need effective and competent legal counsel to represent you. The Fauquier County sex crimes lawyer you select needs to have a proven track record of arguing and winning criminal cases, or you might be opening yourself up to terrible consequences (i.e. sex offender registry) that extend far beyond jail time or legal expenses.

The defense strategy used by your attorney in a sex crime case could mean the difference between success in court or the total upheaval of your life. Arguing cases like these can benefit from specific investigative skills and resources.  In most sex crime cases, public perception gravitates automatically toward the alleged victim.  However, a skilled defense attorney understands how to construct a solid defense even in light of this reality, and can employ various techniques to dispute the prosecution’s argument. Contact a Fauquier County sex crimes lawyer today for a free case analysis.

Motivation of the Accuser

The word of the accuser forms the foundation for the vast majority of sex abuse cases. Because of the often vindictive nature of these kinds of accusations, discovering the motivations of the accuser is of paramount importance. A competent Fauquier County sex crimes attorney will look into the accuser’s background for any relevant information that might have led to a false or even exaggerated complaint. He can seek the help of experts in the field of psychology to bring facts that could prove helpful to your case.  Your attorney’s number one commitment is providing you with the best possible defense, and he can explore every avenue to question the validity of the charge.

Permissibility of Evidence

Law enforcement officials often seize photographs, software or computer hardware searching for evidence. Even if they find what they are looking for, there are strict rules and protocols that have to be followed in obtaining it. Evidence that is illegally obtained cannot be used against you in a court case.

In the prosecuting of sex crime cases, the law limits the circumstances under which a court can suppress incriminating evidence. However, when left in the hands of a Fauquier County sex crimes lawyer who is experienced in sex crime defense, your Constitutional right to make a motion to suppress can be an effective means of blocking incriminating evidence.

Reliability of Witness Testimony

Testimony of witnesses in a criminal case is not always dependable, and sex crime charges are no exception, especially in cases of children. It is a common practice to coach and lead children in an interview. Instead of asking the child what happened, quite often he or she is asked to agree with a statement which is then used against a defendant in court. Children who are either afraid or simply wishing to please the adult asking the questions will often respond with, “Yes,” without fully understanding the question.

The testimony of adult witnesses can sometimes also be called into question.  Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your case, your sex crimes lawyer will go over every detail of the evidence against you to make sure your side of the story is heard.   Don’t leave your defense to chance.  If you are currently facing charges in a sex crime case, call a trusted Fauquier County Sex Crimes attorney today.