Dumfries Speeding Lawyer

Many motorists have sped at one time or another. Some may have even been stopped by law enforcement and ticketed for the act. Few people, however, consider the activity a serious problem.

That said, for certain individuals, speeding might be a significant offense that could result in major penalties. Avoiding such a fate might necessitate the involvement of a Dumfries speeding lawyer. If you have been issued a speeding ticket, contact a seasoned traffic defense attorney today to begin discussing your legal options.

Reckless Driving by Speeding

Virginia state code 46.2-862 defines reckless driving by speeding as a motorist found to be operating a vehicle at a speed limit 20 or more miles per hour ahead of the specific roadway’s maximum limit or an individual driving at 80 miles per hour regardless of the maximum defined speed limit. Someone charged with reckless driving by speeding could be facing serious penalties, therefore, they may want to reach out to an experienced Dumfries speeding attorney.

Possible Penalties for Speeding

Reckless driving is classified as a Class 1 misdemeanor. Such an offense may result in up to a year in jail, a maximum fine of $2,500, points on the impacted motorist’s driver’s license and a potential six-month license suspension. Subsequent offenses may yield harsher penalties.

Additionally, those found at fault for reckless driving risk having the infraction remain on said individuals driving records for 11 years. Such circumstances could prove costly when renewing or attempting to obtain an auto insurance policy.

Furthermore, a reckless driving offense might yield non-legal penalties as well. License suspension might make traveling to and from work and other establishments commonly frequented a more difficult and expensive proposition. In addition, impacted motorists operating vehicles professionally might be subjected to termination leading to significant financial hardships.

It is important to note that adjudicating bodies may be given a certain degree of discretion in assessing ultimate penalties. Other factors a judge or jury might consider are the driving and overall criminal records of the specific motorist and if any mitigating circumstances were in play when the incident of note occurred.

The Reason to Retain Counsel in a Speeding Case

Though subject to state regulations, a motorist believed at fault for a reckless driving offense will be required to face those charges at the municipal court inside the jurisdiction where the charge was made.

A Dumfries speeding lawyer’s assistance could prove valuable in such a situation because said professionals may have a familiarity and relationship with pertinent figures like judges, prosecuting attorneys, and local law enforcement officials. Such acquaintances might make the process of reducing an individual’s charges more feasible.

Such circumstances could prove valuable to all defendants, but particularly motorists residing in other places. A Dumfries speeding attorney may be able to appear in court on said individual(s) behalf and prevent individuals from having to execute a return trip to Virginia.

Potential Defenses Against a Speeding Charge

Not all motorists that speed execute such actions due to impatience or other malfeasant reasons. Under certain circumstances, an experienced attorney might be able to identify a legitimate reason for its occurrence and present such a case before an adjudicating body.

Specific arguments might include:

  • Speedometer malfunction in the vehicle of the motorist in question
  • Faulty radar apparatuses providing inaccurate information to law enforcement officials
  • Some type of mechanical failure of the vehicle in question
  • If the motorist had a legitimate reason for speeding such as illness, a woman in labor or receiving disturbing news about the safety or health of a loved one

Other mitigating circumstances might serve as potential reckless driving defenses. A Dumfries speeding lawyer might be able to identify other potential arguments.

Reach Out to a Dumfries Speeding Attorney

Reckless driving by speeding is a serious offense that no motorist should dismiss or underestimate. Even a regular speeding ticket could lead to unfortunate penalties long-term consequences. With the aid of a Dumfries speeding lawyer, however, an impacted motorist may be able to maintain driving privileges and avoid any significant punishments. Call today to schedule your consultation.