Dumfries Robbery Lawyer

Robbery charges can be quite serious. Not only might the individual in question face potentially significant fines and incarceration, but also the major social stigma associated with stealing someone else’s property.

Fortunately, however, several issues need to be demonstrated to prove individual fault for this act. If a Dumfries robbery lawyer can formulate an argument suggesting any lingering doubts regarding some of these matters, the defendant may stand a chance of maintaining a free and productive existence. Reach out to a seasoned theft defense attorney today.

Virginia State Laws Regarding Robbery

Robbery is categorized as a theft offense, meaning one individual unlawfully snatched the property or assets of another. However, robbery is considered the most serious of these acts because force is utilized to accomplish it.

State criminal code 18.2-58 defines robbery as using either physicality or intimidation to steal property belonging to the complainant. The force used does not necessarily have to result in serious bodily injury. Robbery charges can stem from a physical restriction that prevents a complainant from attempting to protect self or property.

Moreover, the use of mere verbal threats hinting the use of force to steal is also classified as robbery. For example, if someone warns physical violence or the use of a weapon to subdue the complainant and subsequently complete the act, criminal charges may also result.

Proving Robbery

Though robbery is a serious offense, proving that the act occurred is not always a simple task. A prosecuting attorney must demonstrate that each of the following events took place to convince an adjudicating body that the person in question should be held accountable including:

  • The event occurred in or from the complainant’s presence
  • The individual in question intended to steal
  • The act occurred against the complainant’s will
  • The person in question used some form of physical force or intimidation to accomplish the act

After speaking with the defendant and reviewing the facts surrounding the case, a robbery attorney in Dumfries could attempt to prove that one, several or all these arguments do not apply to the defendant.

Identifying flaws in the complainant’s claims or the prosecution’s case might be done through the execution of actions such as obtaining eyewitness testimony, reviewing surveillance tapes, reading law enforcement reports and reviewing the complainant’s accounts to identify any inconsistencies in said individual’s claims.

Possible Penalties

Robbery is considered a felony. Those proven at fault for the act might expect to serve anywhere from five years to life in a state prison. That said, an adjudicating body might weigh several factors when determining the severity of a given individual’s sentence such as:

  • Prior criminal history (especially in relation to other crimes deemed violent)
  • The age and general health of the individual in question
  • The severity of the offense (for example, if the person in question used a weapon or excessive force when executing the act)
  • The condition and health of the complainant
  • If any extenuating circumstances surrounding the crime were brought to light
  • If the individual in question displays any level or sorrow or remorse to the complainant and said person’s family
  • The mental mindset of the individual in question when the act was undertaken

Additionally, those found at fault for executing robbery might also face serious personal consequences after a legal sentence is completed. Felonies become part of an individual’s personal record, which might make tasks like finding and maintaining employment and seeking suitable housing a challenge. Therefore, it may be critical for a defendant to seek the services of a skilled Dumfries robbery lawyer.

Reach Out to a Dumfries Robbery Attorney

Robbery is a serious offense that can lead to severe penalties. That said, specific legal mandates might make it challenging to prove. Therefore, the assistance of a Dumfries robbery lawyer could prove critical to successfully beating such charges. If you are facing robbery charges, call today and learn about your options.