Dumfries Sex Crimes Lawyer

Any type of sexual offense is considered to be a serious criminal act in Dumfries. Law enforcement aggressively investigates such claims, especially when concerning children. Someone who has been arrested and charged for a sex crime should immediately seek legal counsel from a Dumfries sex crimes lawyer. A skilled criminal defense attorney could work relentlessly to refute the charge and defend your reputation. If you or a family member were accused of a sex crime, reach out to an attorney who understands the legal procedures surrounding sexual offense allegations as soon as possible.

Initial Procedures Following an Arrest

When a person is arrested for any crime in Virginia, they are taken before a magistrate. The magistrate is a judicial officer who determines whether there is probable cause to arrest a person and decides whether a bond should be issued. A bond is a payment of a specific amount of money to the government that is intended to secure the defendant’s presence at all upcoming court appearances.

Many cases related to a sex crime could result in a finding of no bond by the magistrate. That is because, in Virginia, certain statutes require a presumption against the bond. That means the burden is on the defendant to prove they are worthy of a bond in their case. Most people charged with a sex crime are held without bond until their lawyer presents a bond motion to the court. As a result, it may be imperative for a person charged with such an offense to obtain the services of a dedicated Dumfries sex crimes lawyer immediately following their arrest.

Intake Process

After a person is arrested and meets with the magistrate, they generally will be processed into the jail. During this process, the individual typically could disclose any medical, mental health, or other applicable personal needs. However, an individual should refrain from speaking about the alleged incident until legal representation has been retained. Following the intake procedure, a person should ask for a phone call and use it to contact an experienced sex crimes lawyer in Dumfries. Ideally, a person will obtain legal counsel prior to arraignment. If a person appears at the arraignment without an attorney, the judge may assume that a person is waiving their right to legal counsel.


The next step is their first appearance in a courtroom for the arraignment. During the arraignment process, the court typically advises the individual of three primary issues.

  • The nature of the charges against them and their possible penalties.
  • The person’s right to an attorney and whether they plan to hire one or have the court appoint one if eligible.
  • The date of the person’s next court appearance.

Asserting Fifth Amendment Rights

A person has the right to not incriminate themselves and can refrain from speaking to law enforcement. Someone who is charged with a sex crime may find it extremely advantageous to assert such rights and to request legal counsel. Any statements made to police or the prosecution may be used against them in the court of law. The vast majority of sex crimes are charged as felony offenses. As a result, a conviction for a sex crime may lead to significant and extensive legal consequences.

Consulting a Qualified Sex Crimes Lawyer in Dumfries

Sex crimes are intimidating charges to receive, as they often have severe legal penalties upon conviction. Contact a professional Dumfries sex crimes lawyer and start building a credible legal defense today. Seeking the services of an attorney early could be advantageous when preparing for trial. Call and schedule an appointment to begin assessing your legal options.