Dumfries Reckless Driving Lawyer

Your license to drive is at risk when you are accused of reckless driving.  Jail time is also a possibility if convicted, as well as a large fine and six points on your Virginia license. A Dumfries reckless driving lawyer can fight to help you protect your ability to drive and will work hard to try to keep you out of jail. Schedule a consultation with a Dumfries criminal lawyer today.

How a Dumfries Reckless Driving Lawyer Can Help You

When you are accused of reckless driving, often the case comes down to your word against the word of a law enforcement officer. A prosecutor has the burden of proving you drove recklessly, so if you can make the judge or jury doubt the prosecutor’s version of events, this is enough to get a not guilty verdict.

A Dumfries reckless driving lawyer can work hard to help you present arguments that make the court question the prosecutor’s case. Your attorney can also help you to negotiate a plea deal so you can face minimal consequences and penalties while avoiding a trial.

You deserve to protect your rights within the criminal justice system, and reckless driving is a crime. This means you should exercise your right to an attorney and call a reckless driving lawyer in Dumfries as soon as possible if you are charged with driving dangerously.

Reckless Driving Laws in Dumfries

Virginia Code Section 46.2-852 establishes that reckless driving is a criminal offense. The crime is defined as driving in such a manner that life, limb, or property is put at risk.  Excessive speed is a form of reckless driving in Dumfries, but it is not the only potential behavior that could lead to this criminal charge. A defendant could also be charged for things like passing a school bus that is stopped with lights flashing, or weaving in and out of traffic in a way that is considered to be dangerous.

Whether you should be convicted of reckless driving or not is a subjective question, as there is not always a clear line to cross that means you are driving so recklessly that people or property are endangered. Many defendants don’t realize their actions may appear to be a form of reckless driving, but they still face a potential six-month license suspension, a $2,500 fine, six demerit points on a Virginia license, and up to a year of jail time. When an electronic device is used at the time of the incident, another $250 fine is tacked on. The serious nature of reckless driving penalties make it very important that you get legal help when responding to charges.

Contact a Dumfries Reckless Driving Lawyer Today

A Dumfries reckless driving lawyer understands the court system, knows the rules for reckless driving charges, and understands available defenses.  Your attorney can help you in many important ways from the time you are charged until your case is resolved. Call an attorney as soon as possible to get help as your respond to charges that could have a profound impact on your finances and your future.