Common Dumfries Gun Charges 

Common Dumfries gun charges include illegal possession, often from those not able to properly apply for possession. This includes those convicted of a felony or those who have other mental health institutions. Therefore, when making an attempt to purchase a firearm, an individual can be charged with a crime associated with that. Speak with a skilled gun lawyer about how to prepare a defense for typical firearm charges you may be facing. 

Concealed Weapon and Illegal Discharge Offenses

The unlawful concealment of a weapon is another of several common Dumfries gun charges. If a person is in possession of a weapon and that weapon is concealed in any way from plain sight then they can be charged of possession of a concealed weapon. 

It is recommended that an individual apply for and be given a concealed carry permit which is available to all citizens who have the ability to possess any handgun. A person can apply for a concealed carry permit in the circuit court in the jurisdiction they live. 

Can the Discharge of a Weapon be Deemed Accidental?

The most typical Dumfries gun charge is the accidental discharge of a firearm which leads to reckless handling charges. If a person is in possession of a gun and it goes off without them meaning for it to go off; law enforcement can charge a person with the reckless handling of a firearm. The government must prove beyond a reasonable doubt, whatever it is that they were doing and the moments leading up to that firearm accident or discharging was indeed reckless. 

Associated Offenses in Firearm Cases

It is not unexpected to deal with other criminal charges for those facing common Dumfries gun charges. Usually the police are not going to know about them or anything else associated with them until there is a report of some other crimes. Often, particularly in possession cases, guns are discovered during the execution of a search warrant or another sort of police investigation where they discovered that there is a gun present.

Another common thing occurs when there is searching for drugs based on a tip or for some other behavioral lawyer to have a search warrant to search a home for drugs and while they are in there, they discover that there are also weapons in the house. Under those circumstances, a person is almost always going to be charged with a possession charge. 

Understanding the Gin Climate

The country as a whole is in the midst of what many folks are calling a gun crisis. There have been mass shootings on a regular basis and gun charges, generally, have been prosecuted more vigorously based on this culture of fear that occurs in this country. 

The government must prove that a person knew that it was there and in their vicinity and at some point it was under  their dominion and control. If they can prove those things beyond a reasonable doubt then the person can be convicted of possession even though that person did not have it actually on their person.