Dale City Robbery Lawyer

Being accused of robbery can be frightening. Robbery is a serious offense in Virginia with hefty penalties for individuals who are convicted. Considering what is at stake, you may wish to speak with a criminal defense attorney about your robbery charge.

Having a seasoned theft lawyer by your side could make all the difference. An attorney could help you understand the charge, keep you informed throughout the legal process, and work to protect your rights. Contact a Dale City robbery lawyer for assistance if you are facing a robbery charge.

Potential Punishments for Robbery

Robbery, as a felony offense, is punishable with a prison sentence. Under the Code of Virginia § 18.2-58, a robbery conviction carries a prison sentence of five years to life.

The punishment for carjacking, robbery involving a motor vehicle, can be more severe. An individual with a conviction for carjacking may face 15 years to life in prison. In order to convict someone of carjacking, the Commonwealth of Virginia must prove that an individual used violence to take a motor vehicle, with the intent to deprive the owner of their property.

What Constitutes Robbery?

There are several elements of the offense of robbery which the Commonwealth of Virginia must prove in order to convict an individual of robbery. The elements of robbery are:

  • Taking the property of another
  • Using violence or threats of violence
  • Intent to deprive another of their property

It is important to note that an accuser does not have to sustain bodily injury in order for a robbery charge to lead to a conviction. If the accuser had a reasonable fear of harm, although physically unharmed, that element of the offense could be met. The infliction of bodily injury, however, could make sentencing more severe.

There are many factors which can affect sentencing, including any criminal history that the accused has. In a robbery case, violence can take many forms. The use of a weapon, for example, could be an important factor in assessing the degree of force or intimidation that the accused might have used. Additionally, the use of a weapon during a robbery could result in a separate charge.

It could be important to have a robbery lawyer in Dale City advocating for a person who has been accused of robbery. If the Commonwealth of Virginia fails to provide evidence sufficient to convict the accused, an attorney could argue for a dismissal. There might also be defenses that apply to an individual’s case, such as entrapment.

Talk with a Dale City Robbery Attorney Today

Everyone accused of a crime deserves the opportunity to present their defense. Understanding the definitions and elements of a crime can be vital to criminal defense. An attorney may be able to weigh the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecution’s case and help you prepare for their arguments.

Even if a simple misunderstanding is at the root of your robbery charge, it could be helpful to have a seasoned advocate by your side during any proceedings. Having an ally present to answer any questions that you might have and address your concerns could make the process less stressful. Do not delay in reaching out for help. Contact a Dale City robbery lawyer for assistance today.