Dale City Bribery Lawyer

Whether you are facing bribery charges under state or federal law, the stakes are high. You might be concerned not only about penalties but also about your future career prospects. Facing a charge of this nature can be overwhelming, but you do not have to face it alone. With the help of a seasoned fraud attorney, you may be able to preserve your freedom and your career.

It could be important to have an advocate for your legal interests by your side as you proceed with your case. Do not delay in contacting a Dale City bribery lawyer if you are facing a bribery charge.

State and Federal Laws on Bribery

A bribery charge could proceed on a state or federal level. On the state level, Virginia has a law defining bribery as the exchange of a monetary benefit for influence on a public official’s decision-making.

Under the Code of Virginia § 18.2-447, an individual could be guilty of bribery by offering, accepting, or soliciting the exchange of something of value for influence on an official’s decision-making. The influence which an individual seeks to gain could be in the form of a vote, recommendation, or other discretionary task.

The federal law prohibiting bribery characterizes the offense in a similar manner. Using a monetary benefit in exchange for influence on a federal official’s decision-making can constitute bribery. Although the language of the federal law is similar to the language of the state law, a bribery charge under federal law could be more complex.

It could be important to consult a bribery lawyer in Dale City regarding the type of bribery charge that an individual is facing and the procedures for handling their case in a state or federal court.

Possible Punishments for Bribery

As with many criminal offenses, the punishments can vary with the circumstances surrounding the case. In addition to penalties under the law, an individual who has a conviction for bribery may also face social stigma and a diminished or lost ability to work in their field.

Under the laws of Virginia, bribery can be classified as a Class 4 felony. Bribery as a Class 4 felony carries both a fine and jail time. An individual could be responsible for paying a fine not to exceed $100,000. Jail time could be from two to ten years.

A bribery conviction under federal law could also result in a fine or jail time. Although various factors can affect the length of a sentence, an individual who is convicted of bribery under federal law could face up to 15 years of jail time. A dedicated attorney could help an individual understand the penalties which they may be facing and any defenses which might work in their favor.

Reach Out to a Dale City Bribery Attorney Today

It is never too early to contact an attorney regarding your case. You could be able to avoid some of the penalties associated with a bribery conviction. A seasoned bribery attorney in Dale City could keep you informed through every step of the legal process and work to present any meritorious defenses.

Since a bribery conviction can affect so many areas of a person’s life, preparation and examination of the evidence prior to any proceedings could be worthwhile. Call a Dale City bribery lawyer for help if you or a loved one is facing a bribery charge.