Arlington Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Some of the worst traffic jams in the country happen right here in Arlington, Virginia. Yet at the same time, the area sees a high number of drivers stopped for speeding violations—maybe in an attempt to make up for lost time. Police in Arlington are less than sympathetic to the plight of frustrated commuters, and they take speed limits seriously.

The consequences of a speeding violation may seem minimal at first glance, but in many situations, it is worth fighting the charges because the cost of hiring an experienced Arlington speeding lawyer is much lower than the costs stemming from a conviction. Call a seasoned traffic attorney today and set up a consultation to learn how a legal professional could help you fight your ticket.

Paying a Ticket is an Admission of Guilt

Many people in Arlington do not fully understand that when they pay a ticket for any traffic violation, including speeding, they are admitting that they have committed an offense. An admission of guilt can establish a record so that the next time the driver is accused of a traffic violation, there may be a presumption of repeated guilt.

After paying a few tickets, a driver begins to look like a habitual offender instead of someone who may have been wrongly accused but did not have the time to attend traffic court to defend against the charges. Therefore, it is essential for the driver to reach out to an Arlington speeding ticket lawyer.

Penalties for Speeding Violations

Virginia law provides generally that fines for driving in excess of the speed limit should be calculated based on a rate of $6-8 for each mile per hour over the speed limit. (Va. Code Ann. §46.2-878.3.) In addition, courts often impose court costs which must be paid in addition to the fine.

Driving in excess of the speed limit in a work zone is a traffic infraction punishable by a fine as high as $500. (Va. Code Ann. §46.2-878.1) Moreover, depending on the circumstances, a driver may also be charged with reckless driving.

Similarly, driving over the speed limit in a designated “highway safety corridor” is punishable by a fine as high as $500 (or more if the speeding is excessive enough to constitute a criminal offense). In addition to any fines and court costs, often the biggest expense to result from a speeding ticket is the increase in insurance rates, which may remain elevated for quite some time.

Reckless Driving By Speed

Certain speeding violations are automatically considered reckless driving, which is a more serious offense. Unlike other speeding violations, it can be considered a criminal offense. Under section 46.2-862 of the Virginia Code, reckless driving occurs when a driver either drives faster than 80 miles per hour or drives 20 miles per hour or more over the speed limit.

Generally, a driver charged with reckless driving cannot simply pay a fine but must appear in court (or have another appear on their behalf). Failure to appear in court can result in additional consequences and fines. This is why it important for a driver to contact a skilled attorney.

Get Help From an Arlington Traffic Attorney

If you are not certain whether it makes sense to work with an Arlington speeding lawyer in your particular situation, it is a good idea to call for a consultation to learn more about the costs and the benefits provided by a traffic attorney with experience handling speeding tickets.

A lawyer familiar with the way judges handle certain types of situations will be able to devise the best defensive strategy based on your unique situation. For a free consultation to learn how our experience can work for you, call today.

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