Arlington Robbery Lawyer

Robbery is a criminal offense in the state of Virginia and is defined as theft by force. Robbery refers to the taking of property from another person and the use of force, intimidation or a threat. The violence component of a robbery charge is what separates it from other theft offenses and could lead to harsher penalties.

An Arlington robbery lawyer may be able to help with your case and develop a plan to give you a reasonable outcome. By contacting a skilled theft attorney, you could help to defend your reputation and build your defense.

Components of a Robbery Charge

Larceny, which is another term for theft, encompasses any offense in which the defendant has been accused of taking property that does not belong to them. Both larceny and theft are broader terms used for matters ranging from stealing a car to shoplifting. A robbery constitutes a more violent offense, therefore a prosecutor must prove three elements for it to be considered a robbery charge. This includes:

  • Property taken must be of value
  • Violence or use of force was threatened
  • Intent to permanently deprive the owner of that property

An experienced Arlington robbery lawyer could know the proper ways to determine if a person was correctly charged with a robbery offense, and how to deal with that if it is the case.

Armed Robbery Versus General Robbery Charge

The state of Virginia details armed robbery as another form of robbery in which violence or threat of force is used by means of a weapon. The offense of armed robbery could add separate distinct charges to a general robbery charge. For example, using a firearm could impact a charge given to the defendant especially if someone is injured in the process. Having firearm usage added to a robbery charge could add an additional three years to a sentencing, which would be consecutive to the initial five years of sentencing required of the robbery charge.

Preparing a Defense

The first thing a criminal lawyer may do is look at all of the elements of what the person is charged with. They may dissect the prosecution’s case to determine whether or not the government is going to be able to satisfactorily prove each of those elements beyond a reasonable doubt.

An Arlington robbery lawyer could potentially look for evidence that shows what happened on the date that the offense was allegedly committed, an ascertain whether or not there is evidence that may have been missed.

Learn the Importance of an Arlington Robbery Attorney

Hiring an attorney who has familiarity with jurisdiction is a critical element in preparing a defense because they need to know the prosecutors and the judges and how they lean. An attorney should know the prosecutor’s tendencies, their mood, how they deal with things that come up during trials, and the information required when trying cases in that jurisdiction.

A person should contact an attorney as soon as they find out they are being charged with a robbery, or conversely if they find that they are being investigated for robbery. An attorney could help manage the police investigation and could help dictate if or when a person speaks to the authorities about the charges. Contact an accomplished Arlington robbery lawyer today if you would like to have a strong advocate for your case.