Arlington Gun Lawyer

Lately, it seems like mass shootings have become the norm rather than the exception. For that reason, police and prosecutors are taking even minor gun charges seriously, because no one knows when, where, and by whom the next mass shooting event might take place.

Most of the time the police do not think that individuals are prone to mass shootings when they are caught with a concealed handgun, for example, but it still stands to reason that they will investigate these charges regularly and these individuals so they can maybe stop offenses from happening.

With this attitude in mind, if you are facing firearm charges, it is important for you to contact an Arlington gun lawyer as soon as you are able. An experienced defense attorney can work hard to build a defense to your charges and help you maintain a positive outcome in your case.

Common Gun Offenses

The two most common gun offenses in Arlington involve concealment of a handgun or weapon and the illegal possession of a weapon, handgun, or firearm on the part of the convicted felon or a person otherwise disqualified from possessing a gun.

Either of these penalties can carry serious consequences and as such warrants immediate contact with an experienced gun lawyer in Arlington.

Firearm Transportation

Concealed weapons charges often come into play in Arlington. Most of the time, individuals charged with the concealment of a weapon are not on their way to a range or to hunting. Most people who engage in the practice of hunting or target shooting in a range understand that the law requires an individual transporting a weapon through Arlington County or any place in Virginia to have that weapon stashed in some kind of container, whether it is a gun case or a lock box – it does not need to be locked, but it would help – and away from the person’s immediate reach.

For people who hunt, the best practice is to keep the gun in a case and in the trunk of a car or the back of an SUV or minivan. If the person does not have a trunk, it has to be out of arm’s reach when they are carrying it.

Keeping a handgun, for example, in the glove compartment or center console in a vehicle, is a concealed weapons offense. Keeping it far away from the person and out of the person’s personal reach is a good way to protect themselves from getting charged.

Hunting Laws

There are some available areas for hunting nearby Arlington that offer waterfowl hunting and there are lands not far from Arlington available for hunting larger games, such as deer. As for specific hunting spots within Arlington, there are not many. It is a densely populated county and the discharge of a firearm anywhere in Virginia requires a significant amount of space between where the person is shooting and where people live, and such a place does not exist in Arlington.

It is important to understand the regulations if hunting near Arlington with the help of a gun lawyer in Arlington who has experience keeping up with laws.

Work with an Arlington Gun Attorney

Skilled gun attorneys in Arlington have tremendous amounts of experience. A person can do their research and find an attorney that clearly knows what they are talking about and how to conduct themselves in court. An experienced gun lawyer in Arlington can work hard on building a defense and maintaining positive outcomes in their client’s case.