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There are two levels of traffic offenses in Alexandria: infractions and misdemeanors. Traffic infractions are lower-level offenses that include failing to obey a highway sign or simple speeding.

Traffic misdemeanors include reckless driving, driving while intoxicated, driving on a suspended license, hit-and-run, and eluding an officer. If a person is charged with a traffic misdemeanor, it is always a good idea to hire a defense attorney.

If an individual is charged with a traffic infraction, under most circumstances, it is not considered necessary to hire an attorney. One may, however, want to have an Alexandria traffic attorney if one is facing a long line of traffic infractions and the possibility of DMV suspension or probation.

Traffic Felonies

Traffic felonies are the most serious of all the traffic offenses. There are very few offenses that can constitute a traffic felony. The most common would include driving while intoxicated if it is a third or subsequent offense. However, certain types of hit-and-run offenses can also constitute a felony as can certain types of eluding a police officer. Those are the most significant traffic felonies that exist under Virginia law. An experienced Alexandria traffic lawyer is essential in these cases.

Every jurisdiction has its own unique way of doing things in traffic court, and having a lawyer familiar with the way those things work is going to benefit a person’s case.

Point System

When a person gets their driver’s license in Virginia, they start with zero points on their driving record. For every year that they do not commit any traffic offenses, they receive a positive point on their driving record. If a person drives for one year without any incidents, a person will have a +1 point balance. The maximum positive point balance that a person can get is +5.

If an individual is convicted of an Alexandria traffic offense, the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) will receive information from the convicting court about that offense. The DMV will assess demerit points for the conviction.

In Virginia, there are three-point violations, four-point violations, and six-point violations. The DMV will assess points based on the statute of which a person is convicted. They have a point value assigned to every statute that a person might be convicted of in Virginia.

The DMV maintains a list of the demerit points that will be assessed upon conviction. Associated with that list is the length of time that points will remain on a person’s record, and it varies for every charge. There might be some points that would last for three years and others that could last for much longer.

There are many possible things that a person can be convicted of, so it is always a good idea to check with the DMV or a traffic attorney in Alexandria to find out exactly how long something might remain on the person’s record.

Consequences of Demerit Points

If a person accumulates too many points within a short amount of time, they might face probation and even suspension, from the DMV. An individual’s best bet is to try to avoid accumulating more than 12 points within a two-year period. If one can avoid that, one should be free and clear of worrying about what the DMV might do.

However, if that individual does get a series of convictions that add up to more than 12 points in a short amount of time, that person would be well-served to contact the DMV, or at least look at their website, to figure out what ramifications might be coming his or her way.

Any time a person gets something added to his or her driver’s record, his or her insurance rates will likely go up. That is a medium-term consequence. As points fall off, a person’s insurance rates should go back down. There is also the possibility of a license suspension. Although not long-term, a license suspension can be difficult for most people.

Talk to an Alexandria Traffic Attorney Today

If a person is convicted in court of a traffic offense, the DMV will assign points as statute demands. There is no flexibility in the courts, so an attorney cannot help with demerit points once a conviction has occurred.

However, an experienced Alexandria traffic lawyer will help you fight charges in court and avoid a conviction. Talk to an attorney today to discuss the facts of your case.

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