Alexandria Gun Lawyer

Being accused of a gun crime can impact your future right to bear arms and can result in jail time and other penalties. An Alexandria gun lawyer will help you to fight for your second amendment rights and your freedom. Consult with a criminal lawyer in Alexandria today if you’ve been charged.

How an Alexandria Gun Lawyer Can Help

When you are accused of a gun crime, you have options including pleading not guilty, seeking a deferred prosecution agreement, trying to get the charges dropped, or negotiating a plea agreement with the prosecutor. The best option for you depends on many factors including the nature of the charges and the types of evidence the prosecutor has to try to prove your guilt.

Your Alexandria gun lawyer can work with you to review the evidence and determine defense options. You may have had a lawful right to carry or discharge your weapon, which means the prosecutor may not be able to secure a conviction.

The prosecutor may also have insufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.  This should mean the case will end with a not guilty verdict since it is the prosecutor’s job to show that you broke the law.

The job of a gun lawyer is to help you find weaknesses in the case against you, present a convincing argument to the court to get a not-guilty verdict, or negotiate the most favorable plea agreement you can.

Gun Laws in Alexandria

Virginia reciprocity rules allow gun-owners to carry concealed with permits from 30 different states. Because Virginia is a “shall issue” state, you must be issued a concealed carry permit if you apply for one and meet the requirements.

Despite these rules allowing gun owners broad rights to carry weapons, there are restrictions on ownership and use. If you violate any of the laws on who can have a weapon, or on when and where you can have a weapon, you can be charged with a crime.

Virginia laws restrict ownership of certain kinds of weapons, and prevent certain individuals including felons from owning guns.  A violation of Virginia Code Section 18.2-308.2 prohibiting a felon from owning a weapon can result in conviction for a Class 6 felony and the potential for two years imprisonment, or five years in prison if the past felony offense was a violent one.

Virginia laws restricting the use of firearms prohibit defendants from using a gun when committing another crime (Code Section 18.2-53.1), from using a gun in a school or inside a building (Code Section 18.2-279), or from discharging a weapon in public spaces without justification (Code Section 18.2-280).

An Alexandria gun offense attorney can help to determine the nature of the gun offense and can provide advice on what charges you are facing and what defenses are available to you.

Work with an Alexandria Gun Attorney Today

Do not underestimate the severity of gun crimes charges. Fight for your freedom and your continued right to bear arms by getting help from an Alexandria gun lawyer. Call an attorney as soon as possible to learn what an attorney can do to help you respond to criminal charges for gun crimes.