Employment Following Alexandria Expungement

Finding employment with a criminal record can be difficult. That is why if you are eligible for expungement, you should reach out to a seasoned expungement lawyer that could guide you through the expungement process. Expungement is an opportunity provided to people under Virginia law who are wrongfully charged with a crime. It is especially useful for people who need work and are seeking future employment because under most circumstances it could prevent your potential employer from finding out about your previous record. Employment following Alexandria expungement can be significantly easier once you no longer have to worry about your record. If you are thinking about trying to attain employment that might be sensitive or require background checks should be encouraged to clean up your record from any past involvement of law enforcement so that you do not have to worry about answering uncomfortable questions when they sit down for an interview. Work with a capable attorney that could help

Prohibited Jobs if Someone Has a Criminal Record

In Alexandria, the kind of jobs a person is restricted from if they have a criminal record depends on the kind of criminal history. If a person has a criminal record that involves a DUI, for example, it is not going to prohibit them from holding a lot of jobs other than perhaps jobs that relate to operating a motor vehicle. If they are applying for jobs that require some level of public trust or security clearance with the government, any crime of moral turpitude, such as stealing or shoplifting, would have a negative impact on their ability to gain that kind of employment. Any kind of violent criminal history would render somebody ineligible or questionable for a lot of jobs, but it depends on the employment that they are seeking.

Expungement in Interviews

Something to keep in mind when discussing employment following Alexandria expungement is that even after the record has been expunged, a person’s previous criminal history could come up during an interview. With expungements in this modern era of information, there are a lot of privately held websites that publish arrest data and those websites are not beholden to the government. They could get this information through the freedom of information act while it still exists. If they get this information before it is expunged and they post it on their website, they are not under any obligation to remove it from their website after they posted, even if the underlying record is expunged. These websites are willing to honor a court’s order once they are made aware of it, but the burden falls to the person who is charged to track these websites and make sure that the information is taken off by sending them a copy of the court order and hoping they are willing to honor it.

When Might a Background Check Show Criminal History or Convictions Following Expungement?

Circumstances in which a background check might show criminal history or convictions even though the criminal record has been expunged include if the case was in the media and if a private, independent website posted information about the arrest on their website. Those websites and media outlets are not beholden to the government and the government is not able to force them to remove information about the charge, even after that charge has been expunged. The Internet is forever. When information is out there, even if the record is expunged, there is no way to force it to be removed.

It is incumbent upon each person to contact the places that published information about that arrest to have it removed from the website once the record of expunged. They are under no obligation to do so, however, most of the time they are willing to remove that information if a person has successfully obtained an expungement order.

Important Information Concerning Employment and Expungement

Resuming a Normal Work Life Following Expungement

If someone is able to get their charges expunged, they could resume a normal work life within a few months. Once the court signs the order granting the petition, the clerk of the court needs to distribute that order to all police agencies that are in possession of that record and to the clerk’s office that is in possession of the record. Once those agencies receive the court order, it is going to take them some time to completely destroy all these records. There are not a finite number of days in which it takes to get this done. Their best bet would probably be to wait a month or two after the entry of that order and check their record themselves to see what is out there. If an individual wants to know more about employment following Alexandria expungement, they should speak with an attorney that could answer their questions and guide them through the expungement process.