Alexandria Conspiracy Lawyer

If you have been charged with a conspiracy crime you will want to do everything possible to reduce possible consequences. A criminal conspiracy involves two or more people agreeing to commit an unlawful act and then taking some action toward completion of that act.

It is possible to be charged not only for conspiracy but also for the underlying crime the conspiracy was about. This could result in two separate charges and two separate sentences. In addition, a defendant who is acquitted of the underlying crime may still be found guilty of conspiracy. An Alexandria conspiracy lawyer may be able to help you understand that charges against you and help you get a better outcome. Contacting an established criminal attorney could be helpful when preparing your defense.

What Qualifies a Conspiracy Defense?

There are two basic elements that the prosecution must prove in order to convict someone of conspiracy. The prosecution must first show that an agreement was entered into between two or more people to commit some unlawful act. Second, there must be some overt act by one of the parties to the conspiracy in furtherance of the agreement.

The purpose of the second requirement is to show that the parties were serious in their intent to carry out the conspiracy. A couple of friends discussing committing a crime is not enough for a conspiracy conviction. It is possible the discussion is only fantasy, but if one of the parties takes action it I evidence that the parties actually intended to complete the crime.

An Alexandria conspiracy lawyer may be able to help you understand the charges against you and what elements the prosecution will need to prove in order to obtain a conviction.

Types of Conspiracy Charges

There are several types of conspiracy that someone might be charged within Virginia. Possible conspiracy charges include:

  • Conspiracy to commit a felony
  • Conspiracy to commit fraud
  • Conspiracy to commit terrorism
  • Conspiracy to commit larceny

A conviction of conspiracy to commit a felony can carry heavy penalties depending on the underlying crime. If the underlying crime is a felony punishable by death it will be a class 3 felony, meaning a defendant could face up to 20 years in prison and have to pay a fine up to $100,000. If the underlying crime is punishable by less than 5 years the defendant may receive 1 year of prison and a $500.00 fine for a conspiracy conviction.

Conspiracy to commit fraud crimes include credit card fraud and pyramid schemes. Depending on the circumstances a conspiracy to commit fraud conviction may be a misdemeanor or a felony. Either way a conviction could result in incarceration and heavy fines.

Conspiracy to commit terrorism is either a Class 2 or Class 3 felony. Someone convicted of conspiracy to commit terrorism could potentially be sentenced to life in prison. Conspiracy to commit larceny occurs when two or more people conspire to the theft of property. Depending on the value of the items to be stolen potential prison sentences could be as much as 20 years.

Consult with an Alexandria Conspiracy Attorney

No matter what type of conspiracy charges you are facing there is a potential for serious consequences including significant time in prison and large fines. An experienced Alexandria conspiracy lawyer may be able to help you understand the charges, possible consequences, and help you build a strong defense. Contact an attorney today to discuss your situation.