Prince William County Prescription Drug DUI Lawyer

Driving while under the influence of prescription drugs is illegal, even if the prescription drugs are legally possed by the driver. Prescription drugs can affect one’s ability to operate a vehicle, which is why individuals should refrain from driving if they do not know how the drug will impact their ability to drive. If you are facing prescription drug DUIs, reach out to a dedicated DUI drug lawyer. A seasoned Prince William County prescription drug DUI lawyer could advocate on your behalf.

Prescription Drug DUI Cases

Drug-related DUI cases are going to involve a blood test. Blood tests are complicated and can be challenging to interpret, but an experienced attorney would understand how they work, the process, and how to examine results. Therefore, defendants should seek the services of a dedicated prescription drug DUI lawyer in Prince William County.

For a person to be charged with a prescription drug DUI, the Commonwealth must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they consumed a drug and were rendered incapable of safely operating a motor vehicle as a result. The prosecution is responsible for conducting blood tests, testifying about what the results mean, and having an expert witness to testify about what impact the drug they consumed would have on the average person.

The Role of a Toxicologist in a Prescription Drug DUI Case

The role of a toxicologist in a prescription drug DUI case is to testify on behalf of the government that the amount found in the defendant’s blood rendered them incapable to safely operating a motor vehicle. Courts rely on that testimony to inform them about what a drug interaction inside the human body would do to that person’s ability to drive a car safely. In other words, they could not just look at a blood test and say the defendant was impaired, instead they need a scientist, expert witness, and toxicologist to tell them what the results of a blood test mean.

Penalties for Prescription Drug DUI Charges in Prince William County

The penalties for prescription drug DUI charges are the same for any DUI charge in Prince William County, whether it is alcohol-based, drug-based, or based on a combination of drugs and alcohol. If the Commonwealth could prove that the defendant was under the influence of some substance or mixture of substances that rendered them incapable of safely operating a motor vehicle, they could be found guilty of DUI. The penalty for DUI is the same regardless of the nature of the impairment. Therefore, individuals facing these harsh penalties should contact a skilled Prince William County prescription drug DUI attorney.

Providing Medical Information to an Attorney

It is crucial to one’s case to provide all prescription and medical information to a legal representative when facing prescription drug DUI charges. Certain prescriptions have labels on the bottles that say to use caution when operating heavy machinery, and there are others that do not. While it may not be a viable defense, an experienced attorney could argue that the defendant had no way of knowing that a particular prescription drug would impact their ability to drive safely, which could warrant adjustments to any legal implications of a DUI case.

Call a Prince William County Prescription Drug DUI Attorney

If you were charged with a DUI after consuming prescription drugs, reach out to a skilled lawyer who has experience with drug-related DUI cases. A compassionate Prince William County prescription drug DUI lawyer could help you defend your rights and reputation. Call today and set up a consultation with a dedicated legal professional.

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