Prince William County Marijuana DUI Lawyer

Individuals facing marijuana driving under the influence charges should reach out to a seasoned lawyer as soon as possible. Marijuana DUI charges carry significant penalties and long-term consequences. A marijuana DUI conviction can lead to jail time, fines, and other penalties. If you are facing charges, call a drug DUI attorney today. Let an experienced Prince William County marijuana DUI lawyer fight for you.

Understanding Marijuana DUI Charges in Prince William County

According to Prince William County laws, marijuana is still illegal, but it is legal nearby in Washington, D.C. However, marijuana is still considered illegal in Virginia which is why marijuana charges are prosecuted seriously.

Also, it is crucial to understand that a DUI is a DUI, whether it was alcohol or a drug that caused the impairment. The penalties for a marijuana DUI is just as severe as the penalties for an alcohol-based DUI. This being said, there are some differences between alcohol-based cases and marijuana cases such as testing for impairment. For alcohol DUIs, a breath test could be administered to determine the level of alcohol in the driver’s system. However, marijuana cannot be detected by a breath test. Instead, a blood test must be done to determine the level of impairment due to marijuana consumption. Almost all DUI cases resulting from alcohol are confirmed via breath tests, and all of the DUI cases resulting from marijuana consumption are confirmed via blood tests.

Evidence for Marijuana DUI Cases

In marijuana DUI cases, the prosecution needs to prove that the driver was under the influence of marijuana enough to negatively impact their ability to operate a motor vehicle safely. To do this, a blood test could determine the level of active THC in their system.

For example, if the defendant smoked marijuana ten days ago and they give a blood test, it would not show any active THC. It would reveal the presence of marijuana in their system, but there is a difference between active THC and THC from previous consumption, as the latter does not result in a current impairment. Once they record the level of active THC, they would be able to evaluate that and determine whether or not it meets the criteria for impairment under Prince William County law.

For help disproving the prosecutor’s case, defendants should seek the services of a marijuana DUI lawyer in Prince William County.

Contact a Prince William County Marijuana DUI Attorney

Due to the complexity of marijuana DUI cases, it is critical for defendants to obtain a seasoned defense lawyer. A Prince William County marijuana lawyer could advocate on your behalf.  Blood testing is a complicated process, and you need an attorney who understands how blood testing works and what the results of your blood test could mean under Virginia law. You do not have to face these charges alone, call a skilled Prince William County marijuana DUI lawyer today to get started. The sooner you reach out to a well-versed lawyer, the sooner they could begin building a strong defense and fighting on your behalf. Call today.

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