Occoquan Prostitution Lawyer

Although many people may disagree, prostitution, or exchanging sex acts for money, remains illegal in the state of Virginia. The consequences of a prostitution conviction may be severe, both for your family relationships and your career. As a result, it may be beneficial for you to contact an Occoquan prostitution lawyer for legal advice.

Accusations of prostitution, even before a conviction, can be highly damaging to your reputation. Attempting to handle prostitution charges on your own could have disastrous results. Contacting a criminal defense lawyer may be crucial to avoiding the unwanted repercussions of a prostitution conviction.

What Exactly is Prostitution?

Under Va. Code § 18.2-346, prostitution occurs when individuals engage in sexual activities for money or something of value. Individuals also commit this offense when they offer to engage in sex acts in exchange for money and take a substantial step toward the commission of the transaction. As a result, merely offering prostitution, by itself, is not a violation of this code section.

Virginia law distinguishes between prostitution and solicitation, in which individuals offer money or something of value in exchange for sexual activity. Both offenses, however, are Class 1 misdemeanor offenses, which carry a potential punishment of up to one year in jail and a maximum fine of $2,500. A prostitution lawyer in Occoquan may be able to build a defense upon behalf of individuals who are facing prostitution charges.

Aiding Prostitution

Various other criminal offenses are directly related to prostitution. Some of these offenses are misdemeanors, but others are felonies, usually because they involve some element of force or minors. Nonetheless, all of these offenses may result in unwanted ramifications for the lives of accused individuals.

Under Va. Code § 18.2-348, it is a Class 1 misdemeanor offense for individuals to take or offer to take others to a building or structure to engage in illicit sexual acts or enabling others to commit prostitution. This code section also makes it illegal to procure or assist in acquiring others for the same reasons. This offense requires that the individuals have the knowledge or good reason to believe that there is an immoral purpose for the visit.

Similarly, Va. Code § 18.2-349 makes it unlawful to use a vehicle to carry out prostitution or illegal sexual intercourse or to aid in or promote such a purpose. Again, individuals do not commit this offense unless they know or have good reason to believe that unlawful sexual activity will occur as a result of their actions. For individuals who are facing these charges, it may be useful to contact a prostitution attorney in Occoquan for legal advice.

Prostitution and Bawdy Places

Under Va. Code § 18.2-347, it is a Class 1 misdemeanor to keep, reside in, or visit a bawdy place.  A bawdy place is any location used for prostitution or for illicit sexual acts to occur. For a Class 1 misdemeanor conviction, individuals may face up to one year in jail and a $2,500 fine.

Individuals also violate the law if they take, persuade, or encourage others to enter a bawdy place against their will for prostitution or unlawful sexual intercourse. Likewise, Va. Code § 18.2-355 prohibits pandering or taking, persuading, or forcing minors to enter bawdy places against their will and for prostitution or illicit sexual intercourse.

How an Occoquan Prostitution Attorney Could Help

Whether the prostitution charges against you arises from an organized police sting or an isolated incident, there may be defenses that are available to you. In some cases, miscommunications and misunderstanding can lead to unwarranted charges. An Occuquan prostitution lawyer may be able to determine whether any available defenses apply in your specific situation.

As a result of the potential consequences of a prostitution conviction, you may want to procure legal representation as quickly as possible when you become aware of the accusations against you. Having a strong legal advocate on your side can make a big difference in the handling and resolution of your case, so call today.