Newport News Speeding Ticket Lawyer

If you have received a speeding ticket, a Newport News speeding ticket lawyer can help you plan your next steps. No matter what the circumstances involving your speeding ticket are, it’s important to get legal advice in order to make sure your case is handled fairly and that any extenuating circumstances are accounted for. Your defense lawyer will help you examine the facts surrounding your case, determine whether a plea bargain could help reduce the charges, and bring to light any evidence that could result in the dismissal of charges.

Drivers often feel it is not worth fighting their ticket, reasoning that it is simpler to pay the fine and move on. The problem is that a conviction may add points to your driving record, cost you a hefty fine, and could result in a suspended license if enough points accumulate over time.

Traffic Laws in Newport News

Speeding penalties depend on a number of factors, including the posted speed limit in the area where the citation was given, how fast you were going, whether or not the driver is under 18 years old, and whether there were any other violations associated with the speeding. Even if you don’t see a posted speed limit, you can still be given a ticket for traveling at excessive speeds for the type of road and location. Police officers use laser devices, radar, and microcomputer devices to determine the speed of vehicles on the road. Information from these devices constitutes legal evidence.

Speed Limit Laws

The Transportation Commissioner determines speed limits based on traffic volume, population, accidents, and other factors. If you receive a speeding ticket and you concede the violation, you will receive a fine and points will be added to your license.

Drivers under 18 years old or drivers who hold a commercial driver’s license may receive additional penalties, including loss of driving privileges for up to a year (or until the age of 18 for younger drivers). Your driver’s license could also be suspended if you fail to pay a traffic ticket after having been found guilty of the offense.

Talk With An Attorney to Plan Your Next Step

If you have received a speeding ticket in Newport News, talk to an experienced Newport News speeding ticket attorney before you decide on a course of action. Simply paying the ticket may seem like your only choice if you aren’t familiar with available defense strategies, but doing so could have long-term consequences including a suspended license. The good news is that you have options regarding the next steps you need to take:

• Pay the Ticket—If you choose to pay the ticket, you are pleading guilty to the speeding charge and you accept not only the fine, but also the points that will be added to your license. You may also experience an increase in insurance rates.
• Attend Court Date—If you wish to plead not guilty, you will appear in court in order to present your side of the case. If you hire an attorney, that person can help you gather evidence, assess any extenuating circumstances, and determine whether steps can be taken to have the ticket reduced or dismissed.

Several factors may affect the final outcome of your speeding ticket charge. No matter what circumstances led to the citation, a Newport News, VA speeding ticket lawyer will help you present your case before a judge in order to receive the best possible outcome.

Hiring a Newport News Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Getting a speeding ticket may not seem like a big deal, but it can have negative results on your driving record and may result in huge fines, insurance rate hikes, and additional penalties. Don’t risk having your license suspended or facing years of exorbitant insurance rates. Talk to a Newport News speeding ticket lawyer today in order to help determine how you should approach your ticket.