Fairfax Joyriding Lawyer

Joyriding is defined under the unauthorized use of a vehicle statute and is sometimes referred to as an unauthorized use of a vehicle. It is taking a vehicle that does not belong to the accused and riding it without permission or beyond the scope of the permission given to the accused. Joyriding is considered a theft offense because it deprives the owner of their vehicle, even if only temporarily, without having the owner’s permission to use the vehicle. Someone facing a joyriding charge is looking at serious penalties, which may include jail time. Therefore, it is essential that someone charged with joyriding to contact an experienced theft attorney. A Fairfax joyriding lawyer could advocate on your behalf throughout the legal process.

Examples of Joyriding Scenarios

For a person to be convicted of joyriding, the prosecution must prove that the defendant operated a vehicle beyond the scope of permission given to them or without permission from the vehicle’s owner to use the vehicle. There are many scenarios that could fall under the definition of joyriding. Some circumstances include borrowing someone’s car without telling them and not returning it in a reasonable time. Other scenarios include taking the vehicle without the intent of permanently depriving the owner of the vehicle and going for a ride or using a vehicle for any purpose when they do not have expressed permission from the owner.

A leased vehicle is a vehicle provided to the accused under certain terms of the lease or contract. The lease or contract provides the specific permissions given to the defendant. Joyriding can be charged as failing to return a leased vehicle because the individual exceeded the scope of permission to use the vehicle as provided by the lease or contract.

What an Attorney Looks for During Initial Interview

A Fairfax joyriding lawyer looks for a variety of things in the initial interview with a defendant facing theft charges. Some of the things an accomplished defense attorney might look into are the individual’s personal history, such as prior criminal history, family involvement, employment, possible alibi defenses, and any information relation to the allegations. The lawyer will want to know the facts of the case and how the defendant was arrested. The attorney may also look to see if this incident was just a misunderstanding and joyriding was not the defendant’s true intent.

Contacting a Fairfax Joyriding Attorney

Joyriding is a felony charge, which means if someone is convicted, they are looking at serious penalties. A felony comes with long-term consequences, including the loss of certain civil rights and making it more difficult for individuals to obtain future employment. Someone facing these charges should consider hiring a Fairfax joyriding lawyer as soon as possible.

The role of a Fairfax joyriding attorney in the criminal justice process is to defend the accused, contest the evidence presented against the defendant, and advocate for the accused through plea negotiations and trial to achieve the fairest and just result possible for the individual. If you are facing joyriding charges, call a well-established defense attorney today. The sooner a lawyer is contacted, the sooner they could begin working on your case.