Dumfries Gun Possession Lawyer

Illegally possessing a firearm in Dumfries is a serious charge that could have detrimental consequences to not only your record but your life as well. Cases such as these require a skilled Dumfries gun possession lawyer who has experience in these specific cases since they can become complex in certain situations. If you are currently facing a gun possession charge, contact a dedicated gun attorney who may be able to build a strong defense.

Process to Legally Possessing a Firearm in Dumfries

There is a process and it does take some time to go through that process because background checks are required both to the federal and state level. There are forms that a person has to fill out –which include yes or no questions, where one has to certify that they are indeed currently or legally authorized to possess a weapon in Virginia. Once a person clears that background check, they would be able to get their gun.

Carrying a Firearm with a Valid Registration in Dumfries

The vast majority of weapons in Virginia don’t require a registration. In fact, only machine guns require registration in Virginia. If an individual is going to have a machine gun, then yes, they have to register it but if a person is holding any other kind of weapon, that person doesn’t need to register it in Virginia.

Documentation Needed to Comply with an Illegally Possessed Firearm

An individual doesn’t have to have anything but it would always be wise to carry with them or have at least in their home proof of where they obtained the gun from so that nobody might say down the road that it was stolen or otherwise obtained through ill-advised means but they are not required to register any firearms other than machine guns in Virginia and one is not required to carry documentation unless the person has a concealed carry permit and they intend to carry the weapon in a concealed manner. In that case, then that individual is required to carry the concealed carry permit with them as they are carrying the concealed weapon.

Reasons People want to Possess a Firearm in Dumfries

There might be many reasons why a person might want to possess a firearm. Many people like to go target shooting, shoot skeet or sporting clays, hunting, and many people feel like they need to carry a weapon for their own personal safety or have one in their home for their own personal safety. There are valid and legal reasons why a person might want to possess a firearm in Dumfries.

What not to do in Public with a Firearm

Nobody is allowed under Virginia law to carry a weapon in a concealed manner unless they have a concealed carry permit. They are not allowed to go around brandishing that weapon if they are doing so with the intent to cause fear of another person. They are allowed to open carry a gun. Somebody could walk down the middle of the street with a gun; they are legally allowed to do that.

Focus of Dumfries Gun Laws on Possession and Distribution of Firearms

The laws themselves are equally harsh on both. However, the vast majority of prosecutions deal with the possession of firearms and the use of firearms in the commission of crimes.

Circumstances Leading to Dumfries Gun Laws

The circumstances that have led to the increased prosecution of possession related offenses has to do with the fact that those who distribute firearms have taken the time to educate themselves about Virginia laws and comply with those laws on a very regular basis, which means there is not as much need for the police to investigate those who distribute weapons on a legal basis in Virginia. Instead, their attention is usually turned to those who are either illegally possessing or illegally carrying a weapon or using a weapon in the commission of the crime.

Change in Gun Laws

The gun laws have been on the books for quite some time there hasn’t been a particular change in the gun laws that have been responsible for an increase in the crime rate.

Importance of Hiring a Dumfries Gun Possession Lawyer

If you currently find yourself facing a gun possession charge in Dumfries, it is imperative that you contact an experienced lawyer to help you build a strong defense for yourself. A Dumfries gun possession may be able to provide you with the right legal representation that you deserve.