Fairfax Robbery Penalties

Robbery is a felony offense. If convicted, a person faces a possible prison sentence. Robbery, specifically, means a minimum five years in prison. It also means that after being convicted of a felony, they may have difficulty obtaining employment and could expect to face a long period of probation, as well.

For a person to be charged with robbery in Fairfax, the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that force or the threat of force was applied by the accused to coerce the alleged victim to relinquish their property to the accused.

Defining Robbery Penalties

For a person to be charged with robbery in Fairfax, the prosecutor must prove probable cause that the accused exerted force or threatened to exert force in a manner that coerced the alleged victim to turn over their property to the accused. The consequences of robbery in Fairfax are a minimum of five years in prison with a maximum term of life imprisonment. The harshest penalty a person charged with robbery might face is a sentence of life in prison.

How to Try Defending Against Consequences of Robbery

A criminal lawyer will begin preparing a defense for robbery in Fairfax by discussing the case in-depth with the accused and beginning an investigation of the circumstances involved that led to the charge.

The evidence a criminal lawyer might compile when defending a person charged with robbery includes all evidence related to the circumstances leading to arrest. This may include the time the alleged robbery that took place, statements by made by either the accused or the alleged victim, any video or audio surveillance of the robbery as well as character evidence that speaks to the integrity of the accused.

Considering Hiring a Robbery Attorney

A person should consider hiring a criminal lawyer when charged with robbery because they are most likely to be best prepared to defend against the robbery charge in Fairfax. A theft lawyer is likely to have experience defending against robbery charges as well as be familiar with local courthouse personnel and law enforcement.

A criminal lawyer might encourage a person charged with robbery to take a plea deal if the prosecutor has demonstrated that they are able to prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt and the consequences of proceeding to trial would be far more severe than the consequences offered in the deal.

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