Woodbridge Gun Lawyer

In Woodbridge, gun ownership and gun control are hotly contested issues. Police and prosecutors are intent on making sure that Woodbridge is safe from harmful incidents involving firearms, so gun charges are taken seriously in Woodbridge and often can carry a number of very serious penalties.

For this reason, it is important that anyone accused of any firearms related offense consult with a Woodbridge gun lawyer as soon as possible to begin building a defense. An attorney in Woodbridge will have investigators on staff that can collect whatever evidence deemed necessary, as well as a network of expert witnesses that can be made available to the client, all of which can contribute to building the strongest defense possible and mitigating the damage of your offense as much as possible.

Common Gun Offenses

The most common gun or firearm offense in Woodbridge is the concealment of weapons. Virginia does allow people to apply for permits to carry concealed weapons, but if they do not have a permit and are carrying a weapon in such a way that it is concealed from plain view, they could be charged with a concealed weapons violation. This happens in cases where people do not leave their home with any intention of committing a crime, yet are caught carrying a weapon that is concealed from plain view.

The second most common offense in Woodbridge deals with the attempted possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. There are laws in Virginia that prevent convicted felons from obtaining firearms. An experienced gun lawyer in Woodbridge is essential in helping their client understand the varying laws in Virginia. Often, because there are a large number of people who have previously been convicted of felonies many years ago, they are unaware of the current nature of the laws in Virginia. Or, they are convicted in another state which does not have laws as strict as those in Virginia, and they do not understand that the conviction of a felony can prohibit them from possessing a firearm.

Hunting in Woodbridge

Woodbridge has a significant amount of hunting for both land-based animals and waterfowl hunting. Woodbridge residents hunt frequently, as well as people from the rest of Virginia who come into this area to hunt. However, they should all be aware of certain ordinances local to Woodbridge before hunting.

If someone is traveling through Woodbridge for the purpose of hunting, they need to make sure their weapon is in a trunk and in a locked case that is far away from their reach. This is legal in Virginia as long as it is concealed and out of someone’s reach, and this could help someone to avoid charges of a gun offense while hunting.

Penalties and Consequences

Gun offenses and their penalties in Woodbridge can vary widely. Typical cases include concealed weapon violations, which are class one misdemeanors. However, other types of gun offenses, such as possession of a firearm by a convicted felon or use of a firearm in the commission of another felony, can carry significant felony consequences making it important a Woodbridge gun lawyer is contacted.

In many of cases that involve firearms, an individual’s firearm can be seized as a result of the conviction, so they would lose their capacity to own it. Further, a person who is convicted of a gun-related offense will have a difficult time getting any kind of concealed weapon permit in the future. If the conviction is a felony, the person will be prohibited by Virginia law from possessing a firearm, unless the governor and courts restore those rights.

Working with a Woodbridge Gun Lawyer

Prosecutors treat gun offenses seriously in Woodbridge since they are aware of the national culture that currently exists regarding weapons, and guns in particular. As a result, they will be aggressive when dealing with gun charges. With that said, every gun charge requires an element of intent and the government must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused intended to commit the charge.

Many gun charges can result from a misunderstanding of the law or an accident on the part of the person who is charged with the crime. For example, if a person did not intentionally conceal a weapon, but it happened by accident, a gun attorney in Woodbridge may be able to build a strong defense. Because so many of these charges result from mistakes, an aggressive attorney who will fight for your rights is critical to your chances of success at trial.