Quantico Embezzlement Lawyer

An embezzlement charge can impact your employment status and result in significant jail time and fines. The prospect of a conviction should lead you to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. Whether you are an employee or in some other position of trust, a Quantico embezzlement lawyer could help defend you against these accusations.

Quantico Embezzlement Laws

Embezzlement involves the wrongful taking of money or property by a person that has been entrusted with it. Embezzlement usually occurs when an employee or agent steals money or property from their employer. While money is the most common subject of an embezzlement case, other examples could include personal property or proprietary data.

Virginia Code Ann. §18.2-111 outlines the charge of embezzlement. According to the statute, when a prosecutor establishes that embezzlement has occurred, the defendant is deemed guilty of larceny.

There are two types of larceny charges: petty larceny and grand larceny. The value of the money or property alleged to have been embezzled will determine which charge is appropriate. Petty larceny is a misdemeanor and can be applied when property worth less than $200 is embezzled. Any property worth $200 more is considered grand larceny, which is a felony under state law.

When a person has two prior convictions for embezzlement or larceny, the third charge is always a felony regardless of the value of the item. A defendant may still be able to avoid a felony conviction, however, particularly with the guidance of a local theft attorney.

Evidence in an Embezzlement Trial

Embezzlement is a crime that is typically proven with financial documentation. This is certainly the case when missing money is the subject of the charge. A company’s financial records and register receipts often play a major role at trial. In many cases involving retail stores, establishing that a cash register is short by a certain amount of money can be the turning point in a case.

Surveillance video is also commonly used as evidence at trial. Whether the subject of the case is cash or property, a surveillance tape could provide a jury with direct evidence of the act.

Witness testimony frequently plays a role in these cases as well. In situations involving embezzled property, an eye witness could provide the court with an understanding of how the property was taken. A witness could also testify to any admission the defendant might have made regarding the missing property.

Ultimately, an embezzlement lawyer in the area could review the evidence available and advise their client on its strength. In some cases, an attorney could show a jury that the evidence is not enough to conclude their client embezzled anything.

Speak with a Quantico Embezzlement Attorney As Soon As Possible

If you were accused of embezzlement, a defense attorney with experience trying similar cases could give you important legal insight. Having a skilled legal professional on your side to fight for your rights in and out of court could improve the outcome of your case. A Quantico embezzlement lawyer could begin building a strong defense based on the specific facts of your situation right away. Call today to schedule a confidential consultation.