What Happens to Your Car After a DUI in Prince William County

After almost every Prince William County DUI arrest, the person’s vehicle would be towed by the police. The only exception to this is if there is another person there who is able to safely drive the car away from the arrest scene. Otherwise, the only option that the police will have is to tow the car.

An individual can get their car the day after they are released from DUI jail, as there is never a hold placed on a person’s vehicle. Law enforcement brings a person’s car to a local tow lot where it will sit until the individual retrieves it. To learn more about what happens to your car after a DUI in Prince William County, consult an experienced and well-versed lawyer as soon as possible.

What to Bring to the Tow Lot When Retrieving a Car

A person retrieving their car after a Prince William County DUI arrest would need to bring proof that the vehicle belongs to them. Their license has to match up with the vehicle’s registration. If it does not, they would be required to bring the registered owner of that vehicle to pick it up. Local law enforcement is not going to release a car to anybody other than the registered owner.

Law Enforcement’s Right to Search a Vehicle after a DUI

Once a person is placed under arrest for a DUI, Prince William County police officers will routinely search their vehicle for any illegal substances or items. Inventory searches are meant to protect the driver as much as to protect the police. They want to take an inventory of everything that is in the vehicle so that when a person goes to retrieve it, they cannot accuse law enforcement of stealing any of their personal belongings. Searching the car also ensures that they get everything that belongs to them once they get it back.

However, if police search a person’s car and find illegal items, the individual’s case would be negatively affected. For example, if law enforcement officers find open containers of alcohol or any narcotics in a person’s car, that could be used as evidence of the defendant’s inebriation at trial. Therefore, what happens to a person’s car after a DUI in Prince William County could lead to additional charges for possession of whatever the contraband was that was found.

Ask an Attorney about What Can Happen to Your Car After a DUI in Prince William County

Police officers do not necessarily impound cars on an extended basis in Prince William County after a DUI arrest. However, if your car is impounded for some other reason, a steadfast lawyer from our team could help you address that potential discrepancy. But as a general rule, you are going to be able to get you car back shortly after your release from DUI jail. If you have more questions about what happens to your car after a DUI in Prince William County, consider reaching out to our firm today to have them answered.