Fauquier County Speeding Lawyer

Getting pulled over for speeding is more than a nuisance. For many people, it is their introduction to the Virginia criminal justice system.

Virginia law takes such violations seriously, and punishments are higher than in many other states. In fact, speeding can actually land you in jail. It is important to get advice from a qualified defense attorney as soon as possible. Read the ticket carefully and see if you were charged with speeding or with reckless driving.

A Fauquier County speeding lawyer knows the local court system and could work to reduce speeding charges and advocate for you.

Virginia Speeding Laws

Many people pulled over for speeding on also charged with reckless driving. Under Virginia Code 46.2-852, a motorist may be charged with reckless driving if they drive more than 20 miles per hour over the speed limit, or drive more than 80 miles per hour no matter the road’s maximum speed limit.

Keep in mind that the speed limit on many state highways is now 70 miles per hour. That means going just 10 miles over the speed limit on such highways can mean a reckless driving charge. If a motorist is driving too fast for road conditions, even if they are within the speed limit, a police officer may also charge them with a traffic violation.

Effects of a Speeding Ticket

Persons convicted of speeding will generally see additional points on their license and an increase in the cost of their auto insurance. However, if they are charged with reckless driving, a Class 1 misdemeanor, they face a potential fine of up to $2,500 – and a potential jail sentence of up to one year. There is also a possible license suspension of up to six months. The violation remains on a person’s driving record for 11 years.

Reckless driving is considered a criminal offense under Virginia law, not a moving violation. That means a person convicted of this offense now has a criminal record. That may affect a person’s ability to obtain loans and their eligibility for certain jobs. For some people, it may affect their ability to retain a professional license or even their eligibility for U.S. citizenship.

If a person is convicted only of speeding, not reckless driving, the violations remain on their record for five years. The punishment a defendant receives is based on various factors, including prior speeding or other traffic violation convictions. Because these penalties can be severe, someone who receives a speeding ticket should contact a Fauquier County speeding lawyer for help.

Speaking with a Fauquier County Speeding Attorney

A Fauquier County speeding lawyer looks into all aspects of a case. That includes a person’s previous driving record, whether the speedometer in the vehicle was functioning properly and issues with police radar calibration.

We will work hard to minimize the effect of a speeding infraction, with the aim of having charges dismissed or the at the least, have the charge reduced to improper driving. This charge carries a fine of up to $500, and three points on a license. Such a charge is removed from the individual’s record after three years if they maintain a good safety record.

If you or a loved one has been arrested for speeding, you could benefit from the services of an experienced Fauquier County speeding attorney. Call an attorney today and make an appointment. Lawyers could review your case and advise you of your options.