Fairfax Traffic Citation Lawyer

In Fairfax County and around the Commonwealth, the maximum fine for a traffic citation is $250. However, if the citation is issued in the Highway Safety Corridor, it doubles to $500. For information on more serious traffic matters, visit our Fairfax traffic defense page.

Types of Traffic Citations in Fairfax County

If you need help deciding whether to pay or contest your citation, talk to a Fairfax County traffic citation lawyer. He or she will look at the facts that caused you to receive a citation. Based on those facts, your Fairfax County traffic citation lawyer will build a defense to present at your hearing.

Use of Toll Facility without Paying

Per VA Code 46.2-819.3, a toll facility operator may levy and collect an unpaid toll and administrative fee. The fee cannot exceed $100 per violation. However, any driver who does not pay the unpaid tolls will be subjected to fines according to the number of offenses.


Anyone driving a motor vehicle faster than the permitted speed limit can be charged with  speeding, according to VA Code 46.2-870 -46.2-883. These codes define speeding in various areas such as rural rustic roads, private streets, residential areas, business districts, and highways.

Parking in an Unauthorized Location

No one in Fairfax County is allowed to park on a street in front of a private driveway under VA Code 46.2-1239. It does not matter if the driver is in the vehicle or not. Furthermore, anyone parking the in following places will be cited:

  • Within 15 feet of a designated building that houses ambulances or rescue squad equipment
  • Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant
  • Within 15 feet of an entrance to a fire station
  • Within 20 feet of an intersection with curved lines
  • Within 15 feet of a highway intersection’s property lines

Expiration of Registration

Every vehicle registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles will have its registration expire on the last day of the twelfth month of its registration period. VA Code 46.2-646 requires every vehicle owner to renewal his or her vehicle registration. If there is no renewal, the owner can be cited.

Penalties for Traffic Citations

  • How much of a fine you pay for speeding depends on how fast you were traveling. Typically, it is $6 per mile per hour you were driving over the speed limit. A speeding fine is generally less than $250 plus any additional court costs.
  • Parking in an unauthorized location brings at least a $20 fine.

Talk to a Fairfax County Traffic Citation Lawyer

Traffic cases are based on subjective and objective evidence. The police officer perceived your driving behavior as violating a traffic law. Whether you are charged with running a red light or double parking or using a handicapped space, you may have a viable defense. Talk to a Fairfax County traffic citation lawyer about the defenses available to you.

There are many potential defenses available to use to fight a traffic ticket. The important thing is knowing which one(s) to use. That is where your Fairfax County traffic citation lawyer is an important part of fighting a ticket. He or she can help explain your rights and what defenses are available to you, and present your case at your hearing, if you choose.

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