Dumfries Identity Theft Lawyer

An identity theft case can be complicated, and there are many ways someone can be charged. For these reasons, there are several different defenses that might be available. Having an experienced Dumfries identity theft lawyer on your side who is familiar with your charges and jurisdiction can help your case tremendously. Do not hesitate to contact a professional criminal attorney today to start your defense.

What Constitutes Identity Theft Under Dumfries Law?

An example of an identity theft case would be an individual taking on the identifying information of another with the intent to use that information for unlawful purposes. Identity theft does not mean that they are pretending to be someone else. This often includes accessing credit cards, loans, or any other identification documents having to do with financial gain without the authorization to use that information. Reach out to a skilled defense lawyer to learn more.

Common Identity Theft Situations

An individual might be accused of identity theft in a number of different ways. The most common way occurs when someone goes to make some sort of purchase and their credit check is run. When they see an open credit card or loan in their name that they do not know anything about, they report that transaction to the authorities. The authorities will then determine that the transaction was carried out in their name, but without their express authorization. The authorities will investigate and go to the lender who originated the loan or line of credit, and that is usually how individuals end up receiving accusations.

Immediate Consequences of a Conviction

Immediate conviction consequences will depend on the amount of the loss and how much of the individual’s information was taken. It is a Class One misdemeanor on its face unless there are certain aggravating factors. If the individual’s financial loss is greater than $200, it is automatically made a Class Six felony and can be punishable by one to five years in prison. A second or subsequent conviction is also a Class Six felony. Any violation where someone’s identifying information was stolen makes it a Class Five felony, and if $50 or more is taken then it is a Class Four felony. There is no shortage of available options to law enforcement depending on the nature and gravity of the offense that they are charging someone with. In the long term, someone could be on probation for a significant amount of time. In addition, an individual could have a difficult time obtaining employment in the future as identity theft can be considered a highly personal offense.

Working with a Dumfries Identity Theft Lawyer

Being convicted of violating someone’s privacy carries a serious stigma, and makes both the short and long-term consequences of a conviction more serious. Sometimes the accuser gets the story wrong, or a civil misunderstanding has occurred. Any records or information you might have about the charges against you are extremely significant and should be brought during your initial consultation with a weathered Dumfries identity theft lawyer so that they can go over it with you and sort out what can be proven. If you are facing these charges, do not hesitate to reach out to a professional Dumfries identity theft lawyer today for your initial consultation.