Steve Duckett Local Conservation Scholarship Winners

2021 Scholarship Winner: Gini Goodrich

Steve Duckett would like to congratulate Gini Goodrich, a senior from the St. Louis Metropolitan Area, the 2021 Local Conservation Scholarship Winner! Gini created a “Top 20 for the 2020s” initiative for her high school with 20 ways the community can improve its eco-footprint, and she strives to create change at the local level.

“Winning this scholarship from Attorney Steve Duckett is such a blessing. This award gives me the opportunity to move forward in my future plans without worrying too much about finances. As I pursue a degree in Environmental Science and Sustainability, I am inspired by the examples of people like Steve, who help promote change at the local level. I hope one day to use my knowledge to help conserve land on a larger scale and protect our natural resources.”

2020 Scholarship Winner: Megan Barry

Congratulations, Megan Barry, for being named our 2020 Local Conservation Scholarship Winner! We are so happy to award Megan $1,000 to pursue her master’s in urban and regional planning. We wish her and all of our applicants the very best in their future endeavors! Keep working hard to pursue your dreams.

“I am immensely grateful to receive this scholarship from Attorney Steve Duckett. He has given me the opportunity to focus less on finances and more on my academic success. As I pursue a master’s degree in urban and regional planning, I am motivated by people like Steve, who help fuel the next generation of conservationists. I one day hope to use my knowledge of special planning and community dynamics to help conserve land and protect our natural resources.”

Learn More About The Steve Duckett Local Conservation Scholarship

Attorney Steve Duckett started the Local Conservation Scholarship to recognize students who are genuinely dedicated to improving natural conservation in their community. Attorney Duckett believes strongly in every American’s responsibility to be active stewards of the land we call home. This scholarship acts as our way to support students who share that belief. 

Each year we receive so many impressive submissions. We are thrilled to see so many students interested in conservation and encourage all of our applicants to continue with their local conservation efforts. 

To learn more about this scholarship, visit our scholarship page for more information.