Arlington County Domestic Violence Lawyer

Any time a police officer responds to a domestic violence call, he or she is authorized to make an arrest.  Even if the alleged victim in your case reconciles with you and elects not to press charges, the state might still take steps to prosecute you. When this happens, an Arlington County domestic violence lawyer can make all the difference in getting through your charge with minimal inconvenience to your future.

A criminal defense attorney can aggressively fight your case and have the local experience and contacts that are most likely to prove beneficial in achieving the best possible outcome. Whether that is a not guilty verdict, or a reduction in charges, they will work constantly to ensure that your rights and needs are not trampled by over-zealous authorities.

Why You Need a Arlington Domestic Violence Attorney

That kind of dedication is particularly important when dealing with issues related to domestic violence because domestic violence allegations can cause significant troubles for you. If convicted of domestic violence you might be facing extensive jail time along with fines and legal costs.

In addition, having a criminal record involving domestic violence is almost inevitably problematic in the long term. A criminal record might prohibit you from joining military service, or the inability to obtain available housing. If you have children, you might be denied participating in their daily lives or normal school activities.

Defining Domestic Violence

According to the Code of Virginia (Section 16.1-228), family abuse (also known as domestic violence) involves the active force, violence, or threat that could include forceful detention. The action of domestic violence can result in bodily injury, or the reasonable fear of an injury. The accused individual is suspected of committing a violent act against a member of his or her household or family.

As defined by Section 16.1-228 of Virginia law, a household or family member does not need to reside in the home of the accused. It can be a former spouse, parent, stepparent, child, stepchild, sister, brother, half brother or sister, grandchildren, grandparent, in-laws, or any individual co-habitating with the accused.

Typically, domestic violence is the result of a confrontation between spouses, partners, or other family members. And the serious nature of such charges can easily jeopardize your reputation, liberty, and relationship with your family. In all likelihood, the charge will bring with it a motion of “no contact” to prevent any interaction between you and the alleged victim. That is why you need a dedicated Arlington County domestic violence attorney to handle your case. That knowledge of the laws governing domestic violence in Arlington will be your best chance for protecting your interests.

Domestic violence is charged differently from assault (or assault and battery), and has different consequences.

Handling Numerous Criminal Matters

A skilled Arlington County domestic violence lawyer can offer years of experience in handling a wide assortment of criminal matters involving domestic violence. These include:

  • Protective Order Hearing
  • Restraining Order
  • Repeat Violence Injunction
  • Violation of Domestic Violence
  • Felony or Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Charge
  • Cyber Stalking
  • Stalking/Aggravated Stalking
  • Aggravated Assault or Battery
  • Aggravated Assault Using a Deadly Weapon
  • Domestic Battery (by strangulation, on a pregnant woman, etc.)
  • Child Neglect or Abuse

It is important to retain an Arlington County domestic violence lawyer as soon as possible so that they can begin to gather the evidence needed to clear your name and protect your rights. This will also help you avoid any potential negative impact on your job, academic or professional status, or any impediment to your constitutional right to own a weapon.

An experienced Arlington County domestic violence lawyer will develop an effective strategy for fighting the charges, including building a case that could focus on the recanting of the alleged victim. In addition, witnesses or officers might be misidentifying you as the actual suspect in the case and an Arlington County domestic violence attorney will have the local resources that are necessary to discovering these types of errors and rectifying the situation. Other defense options include missing 911 call recordings, or a lack of photographs or any other physical evidence that the prosecution must secure to present their case against you.

Discover How an Arlington County Domestic Violence Lawyer Can Help

A skilled Arlington County domestic violence attorney may be able to appear in court in front of the judge on your behalf, avoiding the need to miss work and potential financial hardship and embarrassment. A well-qualified attorney can evaluate your case and the charges against you to explain all of your legal options and their various permutations. And this kind of lawyer will have access to resources and research to seek out every defense option, legal issue, and will pursue action to provide the most optimal possible resolution in your case.

In addition, an Arlington County domestic violence lawyer can communicate directly with the prosecutor’s office and provide negotiation on your behalf. In many instances, a skilled attorney may be able to convince the prosecutor to not file charges, or have filed charges dropped or reduced. This attorney will be your legal representative at all necessary pre-trial hearings/motions and will represent you during the trial.

Arlington County domestic violence attorney Donna Murphy is just such an attorney and he can put his extensive experience to work to defend you against your charge. Call today for a free consultation and start exploring the options open to you for your defense.