Alexandria Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Simple speeding, as charged in Virginia, is nothing but a traffic infraction, which can only be punished by a fine. The fine is relatively small and therefore, speeding offenses can be serious in Alexandria but usually only if an individual has several other prior convictions for the same offense. Under those circumstances, a person might be on the brink of probation with the DMV or, in worst case scenarios, close to having their license dismissed by the DMV for rapid point accumulation.

For these types of cases, it makes sense to consult with an Alexandria speeding ticket lawyer as an experienced defense attorney can help explain the various options available and mitigate the damage or suspension as much as possible.

Appearing in Court

If someone is charged with a simple speeding ticket in Alexandria, they are not required to appear in court. However, if that individual schedules a court date and then fails to appear in court, the court will try that individual in his or her absence. Very often, the court will find that individual guilty in his or her absenceĀ and that individual will have a fine and court costs to pay.

Another option for a person charged with simple speeding is the opportunity to pre-pay, meaning that person can pay the suggested fine and court costs before his or her court date. Doing so acts as a self-serving guilty plea. The court will find an individual guilty and assess whatever points are necessary under Virginia DMV laws. In order to determine which course of action makes the most sense for your case, it is important you consult with a speeding ticket attorney in Alexandria as soon as possible.

How Officers Prove Speeding

There are three main ways that police officers will try to prove someone was speeding. The first way is probably the most common in Alexandria and that is by use of a radar device. Radar devices are permanently affixed to the police vehicle. They emit a zone signal back to the police vehicle based on how fast vehicles are traveling within that zone signal. Radar can be limited because it does not identify the specific car that is going fast. The radar only produces a result of the fastest vehicle in that zone. It requires the officer to observe and determine which car is the one the radar picked up.

Secondly, there are LIDAR devices, laser speed detection devices that emit a beam directed by the officer with a laser gun. It can identify specific cars. LIDAR is considered more accurate than radar as long as LIDAR devices are used properly, but it can be used improperly which can result in a bad reading which an Alexandria speeding ticket attorney can use to build a defense.

Additionally, an officer can charge a person with a speeding ticket in Alexandria by picketing their vehicle. An officer might be in a vehicle that does not have radar. They would drive behind a car, look at their own speedometer, and make an estimate based on that as to how fast the cars are pacing through travel.

Hire an Alexandria Speeding Ticket Attorney Today

An Alexandria speeding ticket lawyer can be very beneficial in fighting speeding charges. First and foremost, a person needs a lawyer who is familiar with the methodologies of tracking speed and ready to cross-examine the officer about the method they used in calculating the defendant’s speed.

Many lawyers have been trained in the use of all of these devices and are familiar with how they are supposed to be operated and the science behind how they work. If the officer is not using them correctly, an attorney who is trained in Alexandria speeding ticket charges will know and will be able to use that to build an effective defense.