What To Expect From the Arrest Process in a Manassas Criminal Case

Being arrested can be an intimidating and confusing process, especially if you are not familiar with the legal system. With this in mind the following is some basic information regarding what you can expect from the arrest process in Manassas. To learn more or to begin building a defense, call and schedule a consultation with a Manassas criminal defense attorney today.

Arrest Process in Manassas, Virginia

The first thing that will happen once you’re placed under arrest is you’ll be taken to the jail where you’ll meet the magistrate. The magistrate is a judicial officer who works in the jail and his or her initial responsibility in your case is to determine what, if any, bond should be issued. A bond is an amount of money in most cases that needs to be paid to get out of jail while your case is pending. That money is designed to act as an insurance policy that you will actually show up and complete the criminal process by going to your trial date and going to any other court dates that are required of you.

If you make bond, then you’ll be released and the next thing that would happen is you would get a court date—that’s called an arraignment—and you would show up for that. From there you’d get your trial date and at that point, you’ll be on your way. If you don’t get a bond, then you’ll be held in jail and you’ll be arraigned the next morning in front of a judge. It’s at that point where the judge will inquire about things like whether or not you have a lawyer or are going to hire a lawyer; whether you’re perhaps not capable financially of hiring a lawyer; and whether you’re eligible for a public defender or court-appointed counsel.

How Do I Get In Contact With a Lawyer?

Most people these days use the Internet to find just about any service and finding a lawyer is no different. There are some people who will have friends that they can turn to who might have good referrals. I certainly get a lot of my business from previous clients referring other potential clients to me. But for people that I’ve never met before, I would say that 95% or perhaps even more find me through my website.

What Can I Expect From The Process of a Case After Charges Are Filed?

The first step is an arraignment. That is where the judge will advise you of what it is you’re charged with and ask you if you’re able to hire your own attorney. If you’re not able to hire your own attorney, then they will ask if you would like to be evaluated for eligibility for court-appointed counsel.

If you’re eligible for court-appointed counsel, then the court will appoint a lawyer for you right there on the spot. If you’re not eligible for court-appointed counsel, then the judge will likely tell you that he’s very sorry, but you have to go and hire your own attorney. After the arraignment, the next step is a trial date and that is where the charges will be resolved one way or another.