Prince William County Gun Prosecution

Part of being charged with a criminal firearm offense is attending a trial where the Prince William County gun prosecution must prove that you were in violation of the law with your use, holding or distribution of a firearm. if they are successful in proving the illegality of your alleged actions, that can lead to serious consequences for your future. It may be vital to discuss your case with a skilled and credible firearm lawyer right away.

How Are Firearm Trials Typically Treated?

The way the Prince William County gun prosecution acts in court often dictates the legal treatment of one’s case. The gun cases in Prince William County are usually prosecuted first in General District Court or Juvenile Domestic Relations Court and then they move up to circuit court for the actual trial and they are usually going to be felonies.

Impact of Trial Location

Where the final trial is heard is going to depend on whether the firearm offense is a misdemeanor of a felony. However, everything starts in the same level so just the felonies will continue to move on so everything starts in either General District Court or Juvenile Domestic Relations Court and then the felonies will move on to circuit court if they end up going to trial.

Important Information to Know Prior to Trial

Gun cases are treated seriously, they are prosecuted heavily, gun charges are considered to be a danger to the community when people are violating gun laws, and there are so many technical gun laws in the state of Prince William County that it is easy to accidentally break them. It is something that is pretty common and so it is something that is certainly going to be a pretty common occurrence in the court.

The Prince William County gun prosecution is not going to have any sympathy or leniency for a person who in their eyes committed a gun offense. They have been known to charge people even if it is a situation where it is just an accident like a person actually discharged a gun and they would probably going to get a gun charge anyway because they are intent on prosecuting these types of crimes.

What Should Someone Expect from the Prince William County Firearm Prosecution?

Usually, gun cases revolve around who has possession of the gun or whether or not they had possession of the gun. That is something that is pretty highly contested, whether or not a person legally had the gun and whether or not they are someone that was eligible to actually have a gun. Those all things that are certainly contested in court cases.

They typically introduce physical evidence in the form of sometimes the gun itself, there is going to be testimony from the police officer, sometimes fingerprints are involved, and depending on the case some researching on the background of the gun. All of these are going to be things that will potentially be involved in the Prince William County gun prosecution for these cases.

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