Fauquier County Moving Violation Lawyer

Aggressive driving, speeding, unsafe land change and failing to yield are some of the moving violations a driver can be accused of committing in Fauquier County. These moving violations have penalties that vary from points added to a driving record to jail time. For instance, an aggressive-driving conviction brings up to 6 months in jail, a fine of up to $1000.00, and six points added to your driving record. A conviction for an improper passing change results in three points added to your driving record and up to a $250 fine.

You may not want to pay fines or spend time in jail and may be interested in whether there are other options available. Contact a Fauquier County moving violation lawyer. He or she can help you fight the ticket and work to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Types of Moving Violations in Fauquier County

There are many types of moving violations in the Commonwealth. The violation that you are accused of committing may or may not be listed here but a Fauquier County lawyer can address your particular concerns regarding your case. Below is simply an overview of common moving violations in Fauquier County to provide you with more information before contacting a Fauquier County moving violation lawyer.


Various types of speeding are defined in VA codes 46.2-870 to 46.22-883. Speeding is defined as driving faster than the speed limit posted.

Driving Without a License

According to VA Code 46.2-300, every driver operating a vehicle in the Commonwealth must have a valid driver’s license. VA Code section 46.2-301 addresses the issue of driving a motor vehicle on a highway after your license has been either suspended or revoked.

Reckless Driving

VA Codes 46.2-852 to 46.2-868 are devoted to reckless driving, which generally is defined as driving behavior that endangers life, limb or property of any person. Reckless driving includes driving more than 20 miles per hour over the speed limit and passing a stopped school bus.

Running a Red Light

The moving violation of running a red light is covered in VA Code 46.2-833. Unless specified, a steady red light indicates that all moving traffic stops. The traffic must remain stopped until the red light changes unless there is a steady green arrow.

Moving violations hinge on direct and circumstantial evidence and a police officer’s observation of your driving behavior. These are aspects of a case that your Fauquier County moving violation lawyer may challenge.

Possible Penalties for Moving Violations

Typical moving violation penalties result in three to four points being added to your driving record. In some cases, such as reckless driving, six points may be added. The points stay on your driving record for more than three years, depending on the specific violation. The following are penalties for the moving violations described above:

  • A speeding conviction includes a fine and court costs. Your license may be suspended or revoked by the Department of Motor Vehicles for points accumulation.
  • A conviction for driving without a license could include a jail sentence. The maximum fine depends on whether the conviction was in violation of VA Code 46.2-300 or 46.2-301 and the number of previous convictions. You may also have to pay reinstatement fees to obtain your full driving privileges if the conviction results in a suspension of your license.
  • A reckless driving conviction is punishable by up to 12 months in jail, plus a possible fine of up to $2,500. You may lose your driving privileges for up to 6 months.
  • Running a red light can result in a maximum fine of $250.

Building a Defense

Anyone accused of a moving violation in Fauquier County has the option to challenge the ticket at a hearing. When the ticket is contested, your Fauquier County moving violation lawyer will present evidence to assert your innocence.

Your defense to the violation depends on evidence and facts of the case. For instance, a possible defense for driving with a suspended or revoked license is that you weren’t given proper notice of the suspension. Another defense is that the police officer did not have reasonable articulable suspicion to stop you.

Your defense to your particular moving violation ticket depends on the circumstances of your case. The first way to start fighting the ticket is by speaking with a Fauquier County moving violation lawyer. He or she can assist you in building a defense to use at your hearing. Remember, paying a ticket is an admission of guilt, which could have a devastating effect on your driving record. Contact a moving violation lawyer in Fauquier County to start fighting the ticket.