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Steve Duckett was born and raised in Northern Virginia and has lived there all of his life, barring his time in college and law school. Mr. Duckett graduated from the University of Richmond with a Political Science and Economics degree in 1994.  Since receiving his Juris Doctor from Valparaiso University in Indiana, he has practiced criminal law exclusively in the various courthouses of Northern Virginia, and is admitted to all courts in the Commonwealth.

Known for his proactive, innovative trial techniques and excellent client relations, Steve Duckett has experience successfully representing people from all walks of life, including CEO’s, professional athletes, White House and Congressional staff, and many others.  One particular source of pride for Mr. Duckett is the many clients he represents who come to him through the referral process. The high esteem in which he is held within the Virginia court system is reflected in the perfect 10/10 “Superb” rating he maintains from the attorney peer review site AVVO.

Mr. Duckett believes that the key to a successful attorney-client relationship is communication. All calls and emails are answered within one day, when possible, and all clients will be regularly kept informed of any progress or developments in their case. In court, Mr. Duckett aggressively fights for his clients at all stages of the case, and takes great satisfaction when his clients walk away from the courthouse knowing their attorney did everything possible to ensure a favorable legal outcome.

In his free time, Steve volunteers to coach youth soccer and basketball teams.  He has also spent many years volunteering for an environmental conservation organization.


Representative Matters


Federal Court and Virginia DUI

  • Successfully represented high-ranking member of professional football team in reducing charges from DWI to Reckless Driving using scientific evidence calling into question the validity and accuracy of the government’s breath test
  • Successfully represented member of US Army in reducing charges from DWI to Reckless Driving, despite breath test that was twice the legal limit, by discovering evidence that the breath test was not properly performed
  • Successfully represented decorated combat veteran who had been falsely accused of DWI, harassed by military police, and arrested despite having no intoxicants in his system. Received apologies from officers involved.
  • Successfully represented client who was charged with a second offense DWI by arguing procedures used by police in collection of evidence were inconsistent with Virginia law.
  • Earned dismissal of case where blood evidence was challenged by expert witness, despite alleged levels of alcohol and other drugs over the legal limit.

White Collar Criminal Cases

  • Successfully represented a Human Resources Manager who was targeted by United States Attorney’s Office for immigration fraud and contract fraud. No charges were ultimately filed despite government’s initial threat of years in prison, and despite many of client’s colleagues facing indictment and conviction.
  • Represented client charged with participation in complex tax fraud conspiracy, reducing his exposure to criminal charges where he could have faced years in prison and received only sixty days in jail.
  • Successfully represented client charged with money laundering, felony theft, and other charges totaling a possible 60 years in prison. After one mistrial in front of a jury, prosecution offered ten days in jail on a misdemeanor charge.
  • Successfully limited client’s criminal exposure to Health Care Fraud charges, limiting indictment to only one count of Identity Fraud and reducing possible prison sentence from 8-10 years to 2 years.
  • Successfully represented client in violation hearing where government alleged drug use while on probation. Client released from custody and returned to probation immediately after hearing challenging validity of government’s evidence.

Virginia State Court

  • Successfully defended professional football player in outright dismissal of Driving While Suspended charges.
  • Successfully represented professional minor league baseball player in defending against charges including assault, abduction, and strangulation. All but one charge was dismissed and client was sentenced to time served.
  • Successfully defended human rights advocate in felony theft charges, reducing the charge to a misdemeanor.
  • Successfully defended confirmation-level White House administration member against Reckless Driving charge, which was reduced to a simple infraction.
  • Successfully challenged lab result showing 33 grams of heroin, when it was in fact less than 3 grams. Commonwealth asked for six years in prison, but judge sentenced client to well below guidelines sentence.
  • Earned dismissal of solicitation charges for client where proof was shown to be incomplete for each element of the alleged crime.
  • Successfully represented hundreds of clients charged with Reckless Driving whose charges were reduced to something other than a misdemeanor or dismissed outright.
  • Successfully represented international shipping company in reducing liability on an overweight case to 10% of the government’s original demand.

“Steve really put me at ease and was very professional and gave me hope that my case could be resolved. I definitely knew that Steve was the lawyer for me. Steve was on point in court and had a great courtroom presence. Steve gave an argument that the judge had never heard of before and the judge was extremely impressed. Steve was awesome. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for a criminal defense attorney.”
– Laquisa

“I have worked with attorneys in the past, and not everyone brings such professionalism to court. Steve had already spoken to the prosecutor beforehand, so we had an idea what to expect. My charges were dismissed, and I got a minor speeding ticket out of this whole ordeal. Steve said he would fight for me, he did and we won. As soon as we found out we got the charges dropped, I was ecstatic, happy, and all I had to do is pay a simple fine.”
– A Google User

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Steve Duckett Attorney
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Steve Duckett was born and raised in Northern Virginia and has lived there all of his life, barring his time in college and law school. Mr. Duckett graduated from the University of Richmond with a Political Science and Economics degree
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